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AP Lang Synthesis Essay Presentation

Gender Myths

Abby Ranks

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of AP Lang Synthesis Essay Presentation

*Marissa Mayer

*Female CEO of Yahoo!

*Recently gave birth to her first child

*Spoke about caring for him at a professional event

*Very controversial!!!

Obstacle 1:
Children Obstacle 2:
Statistics Obstacle 3:
Men Usually Lead Start Women do not often hold executive leadership positions in our society. Is it because they are bad leaders? Or have they not had the chance to prove themselves fit for the job? *In 2011, 16.1% of board seats were held by women.
*In 2012, the same statistic "rose" to 16.6%.

*In 2011, 14.1% of executive officers were women.
*In 2012, the percentage became 14.3%.

*Employers claim due to "supply problem".

*A "directory of women" was created for companies.

*Aimed at employers with vacant executive positions. "When Women Lead" The Path to Leadership for Women Including all of the hoops to jump through for success Women can't possibly balance being a mother and working as an executive. "Mommy Wars Seek Ongoing Talks" Catalyst's Research in "A Real 'Binder Full of Women'" *World would be more peaceful if more women held positions of leadership.

*Women less likely to start wars than men.

*Women had to act masculine to become a leader.

*"Feminine Style"

*Key to better leadership is combination of tendencies.

*Work together and combine skills to create a better society. SOCIETY Thesis Connection to Thesis Connection to Thesis Connection to Thesis The President of the United States, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the coach of the greatest sports team in history: these leadership roles have always been held by men, perpetuating the misconception that men are better leaders than women, when in fact, this cannot be proven based on the historical lack of women in leadership roles in the workplace. *Marissa Mayer is setting a standard for mother leaders.

*Traditional role for mothers is to care for children.

*She can balance home life with work.

*No male CEO has ever talked about being a dad. *Still lack of data.

*More men in leadership roles.

*Needing a list not a sign of good leadership. *Females have the potential to be better leaders than men.

*Male leadership has ended in war and violence.

*Women bring new abilities. If women were the traditional leaders of society, the world may be an extremely different place than it is today. For now, the best case scenario for women would be an increase in the percentages from Source 2. Women need the opportunity to prove their qualities as leaders before theories or generalizations can be proven. What now? Generalization may not be the same if or when more women become leaders...nobody knows.
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