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Kellogg's Breakfast Mates

No description

Jason Livingston

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Kellogg's Breakfast Mates

Kellogg's: Luke Warm The Kellogg's Breakfast Mates launched in 1998. It came in a "kit form", with the cereal, aseptically packaged milk that doesn't require refrigeration, and
a spoon. The line consisted of Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes,
Fruit Loops, and Mini Wheats. The market was mainly the parents of children
who preferred Kellogg's cereal. The Breakfast Mates were quickly pulled from the market in 1999. However, some did not like the
Kellogg's milk. Another reason it was taken off was because
the milk, which is best cold, was packaged with
a room temperature product. It was easier to just
buy everything separately. I also think most people didn't like it because
it only came in 4oz. containers. You could pay
the same for a larger quantity. It was also thought that because it was meant for small kids to make on their own, the milk could make a mess. The last big problem with it was that people
didn't want to put a large box in their refrigerators.
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