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Product Presentation

Launching of new product

Eugenia Vazquez

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Product Presentation

The Market Not to take into account all the women concerned by her image that may want to improve the aspect of their hair which could be... 30% of population... 7 Million women Competitors ****** The Product Indicated for improving the quality of the hair and stimulate growth
100% natural and safe
Results clinically proven 8% of the women in Spain suffer from Hair Loss

This means.... 1,8 million in Spain and 264.000 in Madrid In the 'natural' side Innéov (Vichy)
Pilfood (Swiss Product) In the 'medical side' Minoxidil
Aminexil Shampoos Kerium (La Roche Posay)
Garnier (Fortifying shampoo) The Launch of ****** in Spain 1st of May El Corte Inglés (main retailer in Spain) starts to distribute the product in the region of Madrid . .

The product is completely new in Spain and there is no brand recognition either consumer knowledge of the product So we have two important tasks to accomplish before the launch Develop Brand recognition in our target Women between 20 and 80 years old that are conerned about the lack or unhealthy aspect of their hair To awake the necessity of purchase on this target How do we get this? Three ways Public Relations Our target is: The SM Plan Create our ***** Spain Facebook page Create our ***** Spain Twitter profile & Two Events... Decoration: with flowers and vinyls with the logo and brand colors Dossier for the press containing:
Press release with all the information about the company, the product and the summary of the launch campaign
Product brochure with the product description in Spanish and good photos
Samples of the products: tablets & shampoo
A DVD with testimonials and before and after pictures Ana Duato Prized Not compromised with other brands
Very good image in the general public
Space: 4.500€
Catering: 800€
Decoration: 500€
Dossiers: 1.200€
2 Hosstess: 250€
Total: 7.250€ 2. Product presentation for the general public Where: El Corte Inglés in Castellana What: two day presentation in a promotional stand/island Activities: Distribution of promotional materials and samplings Promotion: Become our Facebook fan and get a product sample. Seminars: 1st day: 'Main causes for Hair Loss and how to prevent it' by Ricardo Ruiz, dermatologist 2nd day: 'How to Repair Damaged Hair' by Thomas Taw, famous stylist and specialist in damaged hair treatment 1. Product presentation for the Press Convoking all the beauty and healthcare editors and bloggers (database with 120 contacts) Where: Casa Palacio Atocha 34 When: On Thursday 28th of April
Open doors format: from 10 to 14 hrs Cocktail: healthy and natural products Decoration: Viviscal logo and tag line, corporative colors and screens with testimonials and images of our ambassador Publicity Start producing contents in these two profiles and gaining fans and followers Budget:
Stand construction + exhibition materials: 15.000€
Audivisual rental (screens and laptops): 2.500 €
Hosstesses: 500€
Promotional materials: 2.000€
Referrals: 5.000€
TOTAL: 25.000€ And all these activities will be promoted through Social Media and on-line publicity Brand Ambassador 42 year old actress 10th season in 'Cuentame', Spanish serie based in the 60´s-70´s and n.1 in its timeslot Supportive Mother of two babies Communicate our events in the main Forum and Blogs and refer to our Facebook page for more information One week before the launch: Communicate all the details about the events for the general public Present our brand ambassador .
When: 29th & 30th of April SEM: Positioning our web site among the first search promoted results in Google Promotional ads about the Product Launch and main Events in the Google content net Start promoting the product with a display ad in the main sites visited by our prospects and our prescriptors Lead traffic to our websites: ******.es and Saludycabello.es Two weeks before the launch...
create a teaser campaign 'Do you want to meet two professionals that will give you the keys for a healthy hair?' Open the draw:
'Gain a complete Viviscal treatment for 6 months' among all our fans and followers Contact the main referrals and inform them about our products: caidadelpelo.org, caida-cabello.org, etc .

Plan definition very much depending on budget Digital media Traditional media WOM Through Social Media .
And this is the Proposal for the Launch of Viviscal in Spain by M.Eugenia Vazquez And I hope you liked it!
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