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No description

jacob toth

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of R5

created by Jacob toth Introduction The band I picked was R5 because my sister likes them and that inspired me to like them. I also really like their music because they have nice voices and catchy beats. My sister noticed them from Ross Lynch on Austin and Ally, he is also the lead guitarist in his family band R5. History Riker Lynch The Lynch family consisting of: Mark and Stormie the parents, Riker, Rydel, Rocky, Ross and Ryland all moved from Littleton, Colorado to Northridge California in 2007.Their hopes were to make it into the entertainment and acting business.They met the fifth member of the band, Ratliff in their dance studio in 2009.Together, Riker, Rydel, Rocky, Ross and Ratliff formed the band R5.The name was made because there were five members and all their names started with R. Just last year they were signed to Hollywood Records. Riker Anthony Lynch, is the oldest of the band, he was born on November 8th 1991 and is 21 years old. He is the bass player in the band and has a recurring role as Jeff the Warbler on the show Glee. He loves wearing ties, and his favourite colour is blue. History Rydel Lynch Rydel Mary Lynch is the third oldest member, her birthday is August 9th 1993, and shes 19 years old. She is the only female member of the band, and she plays the keyboard. Her favourite colour is pink, and her favourite thing to wear is tu tu's. She also loves Hello Kitty. Rocky Lynch Rocky Mark Lynch is the fourth oldest member, his birthday is November 1st 1994 and he is 18 years old. He plays lead guitar in the band and writes most of their songs. His favourite colour is lime green and his favourite word is "sexy". He's also the tallest of the band at 6'3. Ross Lynch Ross Shor Lynch is the youngest member of the band, his birthday is December 29th 1995 and he is 17 years old. He plays Rhythm guitar and lead vocals, and he also plays Austin as a lead role in the Disney Channel show "Austin and Ally". His favourite colour is yellow and his favourite movie is 1968's "Romeo and Juliette". Ellington Ratliff Ellington Lee Ratliff is the drummer and the second oldest member of the band. His birthday is April 14th 1993, and he's 19 years old. He is the only member that is not part of the Lynch family, but he does act like he is. His favourite colour is dark green, and he loves mustaches. He is also my BDF (Best drumming friend) Members Ryland Lynch Ryland Michael Lynch is the youngest siblinging in the family, but is not in the band, he's the manager. He was born on April 17th 1997 and is 15 years old. Since he isn't in the band, he goes to a normal school in California and plays for their football team. His favourite colour is red and he helps set up before concerts. Mark & Stormie Lynch Mark and Stormie are Riker, Rocky, Ross, Ryland and Rydel's parents. They have supported their kids throughout their whole acting and entertainment careers and have even moved from Colorado to California for them. Mark is basically co-manager for the band and Stormie is the bands stylist. Social Media Twitter
Each member of R5 is certified on Twitter and are constantly tweeting about their days. Their official accounts are: Cheryl Baxter-Ratliff is Ellington's mom and is a dance teacher at the studio where the whole band used to go. She also comes with them on tours. Discography R5 have said that they are releasing their full length album in September 2013, but they have just made an EP called "Loud" which will be released this February 19th. The EP includes 4 new songs:

1. Loud
2. I want you Bad
3. Fallin' for You
4. Here Comes Forever Ross has made his own album for Austin and Ally that Came out September 11th 2012. It includes the tracks:

1. Heard It on the Radio
2. A Billion Hits
3. Not a Love song
4. Illusion
5. Na Na Na (Summer Song)
6. Double Take
7. It's Me It's You
8. Heartbeat
9. Better Together
10. The Way That You Do
11. Break Down the Walls
12. Can't Do it Without You

The CD also included 2 R5 tracks:

1. Crazy 4 U
2. What Do I Have To Do? R5 made their Very first EP called "Ready Set Rock", which was released March 9th 2010 and included the songs:

1. Ready Set Rock
2. Can't Get Enough of You
3. Without You
4. Never
5. Look at Us Now One of their most famous songs "Say You'll Stay" came out in 2010 as a single. Other R5 Songs:

1. All About the Girl
2. Always
3. Anything You Want
4. Baby It's You
5. Cali Girls
6. DNA
7. Love to Love Her
8. Take You There
9. Wanna Be Your Everything
10. Wishing I Was 23
11. The Hockey Song
12. Christmas is Coming

Other Ross Lynch Songs:

1. Can You Feel it
2. Who I Am
3. Got it 2
4. Don't Look Down
5. Face 2 Face
6. Christmas Soul Cover's By R5:

1. Love me
2. Call Me Maybe (Rydel Cover)
3. Gives You Hell
4. I Just Can't Wait to be King
5. Marry You
6. Party In The U.S.A
7. Santa Clause Is Coming to Town
8. That Girl
9. Sunday Morning (Ratliff Cover)
10. Shut up and Let Me Go (Rydel Cover)
11. Sugar, We're Coming Down
12. Who I Am
13. Star Girl
14. Jessie's Girl
15. Mony Mony
16. Beverly Hills
17. Twist and Shout
18. Are You Gunna Be My Girl
19. Heartbreak Hotel
20. Hot in Here
21. The Heat is On
22. Teenage Dream
23.Anyway You Want It
24. Runaround Sue
25. I Feel Like Dancin' On Tour R5 have been on 3 official tours: The West Coast Tour (Spring 2012), The 3M Tour (Fall 2012), and the East Coast Tour (Winter 2012), which is the one I went to. They are also planning a Loud Tour in the spring of 2013. You can also follow them on Tumblr and like them on Facebook Instagram
It's a Concert tradition for R5 to take a picture of them with every crowd at every show. On December 16th, my sister, her friend Julia and I got to attend their Toronto concert, during their East Coast Tour. We got the VIP package, so we got to meet them and got our picture with them. We got to talk to them multiple times, and we saw them the next day at Breakfast Television Toronto, where they actually remembered us and talked to us for a while. I also became BDF (Best Drumming Friends) with Ratliff because we're both drummers and I talked to him the most. The End Youtube
R5 has their own Youtube account and they make "R5 T.V" on it, which is usually a 3-6 minute video of the them being goofs in their everyday life. They have been currently making one for every concert that they do. In Conclusion, I think R5 is one of the most talented family bands in the music industry, and I can't wait to see how they do in the future. Also, I can't wait to go see them again on their Spring Loud tour. Bibliography tumblr.com

www.last.fm www.tradebit.com
r5 instagram
self taken photo by sister (nicole)
emailed to us from r5
www.justjared.com Canada R5 got to visit Canada for the first time on August 26th 2012. It was also their first time playing a concert outside of the U.S. My sister, her friend and I got to see that concert, and it was also our first time ever seeing them live.
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