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The Victorian Era

Let's learn about life during the Victorian Era, the backdrop of the famous Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol.

Whitney Leonard

on 30 October 2011

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Transcript of The Victorian Era

The Victorian

Victorian Women & their Rights
What was it?
What was life like?
The setting of A Christmas Carol
Victorian vs. Modern Christmas
Create a small Venn Diagram to demonstrate the differences and similarities between Victorian and current Christmas traditions. Fill in the Victorian side during this lecture, then the similarities and modern side on your own.
Period of Queen Victoria's rule (1837-1901) -formerly longest reign in British history
Queen Elizabeth just surpassed in 2015 (reign began in 1952)
Height of British Industrial Revolution
Britain was initially rural/agricultural
The first decades: series of epidemics (typhus and cholera), crop failures, economic collapses, riots
1859: Charles Darwin’s "The Origin of Species”
Similar to those of children - could not vote, could not sue, could not own property
Seen as pure and clean - Bodies as temples, no jewelry, no physical exertion
The role of women - have children, tend to the house, please their husband
Could not hold a job, except teacher or domestic servant
Only permitted to study literature, geography, history
were told education could make them ill
Why is it
to know
about the
history of something?
Now that you know that ways in which Dickens' novel may be influenced by his surroundings, how is your own
historical background at all important to your life and who you are?
The arts
Evangelical & reform movements to stop gambling, drinking, and prostitution
Brass bands & 'The bandstand'
‘Spectacles’ (The Paranormal)
Communication with the dead
Ghost conjuring
A traditional "Bandstand"
A Victorian band
Victorian Fashion
The World's Fair
1851: The Great Exhibition (World's Fair)
Crystal Palace
Great success
International attention
Featured inventions & products from all over the world
Victorian Dance
How does women's fashion seem to align with the rights of women?
In 2-3 sentences, and in
your own words, describe
what the life of a
Victorian was like.
Victorian Christmas
Modern Christmas
decoration of the home & churches
flowers decorate at Easter
the scarlet berries at Christmas
Holly and ivy
even the poorest
carols: “Holly, holly, O!” and “Winter evergreens”
told all through the town that the festival of Christmas is near
holly cart would come just before Christmas
to those who could not collect their own from the countryside
The Christmas tree
thick-hanging clusters of rich and varied fruit
Prince Albert is credited with the introduction of the Christmas Tree in England
Quickly became the center piece of all seasonal decorations
The birthplace of the Christmas-Tree is Egypt,, and its origin dates from a period long before the Christian era.
The palm-tree was used in Egypt at the time of the winter solstice as a symbol of the year completed (produces a shoot per month)
On reaching Italy, the fir was found more suitable from its pyramidal or conical shape
Was decorated with burning tapers lit in honor of Saturn
Take 5 minutes to fill in the
rest of your Venn Diagram
and then you will share with
the rest of your class.
What do you think of when you
hear "Victorian Era"?
Can you guess what was
developed in the Victorian Era
and is still popular and
sought after today?
References Used for Images,
YouTube clips, and content:
PowerPoint Presentation by Kim McConnell, 2007
Not encouraged to wear:
Clothing that showed skin
Stockings or any undergarment
Husband’s property
Not to advertise their bodies to other men

Fashion Restrictions
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