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Team Bullet Bill :)

No description

Nellie Zhang

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Team Bullet Bill :)

Our Problem: Inter-School Collaboration: Infrastructure: Statistics:
How can schools reduce its waste and improve and their environmental sustainability

Proposal:School Sustainability - Increased awareness of gardening
- Using recyclable packaging
- Promoting biodegradable materials
- Increased number of bubblers
- Enforce more bins around the school
- Install water tanks

- 76% students don't recycle
- 1 in 3 people neglect turning off classroom lights
- 1 hectare of trees are cut down every hour
- Rapid increase of CO2 been measured at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.
- CSIRO reports massive amounts of rubbish dumped on school grounds By Team 8 (Bullet Bill)
Implementation of several in-school environmental initiatives that collectively can reduce the
ecological footprint that the DET makes.
- Dimming Lights
- Computers
- Reflective Paint
- Solar Panels
- Paper regulations
- Sensor taps

- Community Support
- NGO Donations
- Intra-school Fundraising
- Charitable Donations
- Government Donations
Food: Question: Solution: - Awareness of environmental impacts
- Green Day school events
- Increase of environmental associations
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