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Holograms - Basic Principles

Physics assignment term 2 2011

Dominic Weiller

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Holograms - Basic Principles

Holograms Interference Waves in phase interfere constructively... waves out of phase interfere destructively work on two main principles of waves + = Hologram interference and diffraction When making a hologram: two light beams (object and reference) interfere the interference pattern is recorded on a film phase infomation is retained (unlike photo) allowing for COMPLETE reconstruction of original light Interference how waves interact with each other Diffraction how waves interfere with objects light passing through an infinitly narrow slit forms a cylindrical wavefront a larger slit creates an iterference pattern when there a more slits you have a diffraction grating light wave propogate from each slit and interfere these produce more pronounced interference patterns Diffraction when reconstructing a hologram: the recorded interference pattern acts like a complex diffraction grating it diffracts the reference beam so that it reconstructs the original light creation reconstruction
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