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Promotion XXII ISS CPH

No description

Susan Holdt

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Promotion XXII ISS CPH

Scandic hotel
Copenhagen city centre
Venue in city center
Airport close to city
pecial discounts
Hotels and hostels
Academia meets Industry- also incl
Scientific program
Reception with the Lord Mayor
at the City Hall
Mid symposium tour
Gala dinner at "Toldboden"
seaweed on menu and in beer
Visit to CPKelco and DuPont/Danisco
Visit to IMTA facility
Diving trip and lunch at an island
The Blue Planet (national aquarium)
City tour and free town Christiania
Why Denmark?
Denmark has for decades been a leading processor of seaweed for industrial purposes
CPKelco and Danisco (DuPont)
Presently also Eurogum – and indirectly involved also Novozymes, DONG Energy
World class phycologists already in the past like Lyngbye, Rosenvinge and Børgesen
Large involvement in seaweed research and development
Production of seaweed taking place onshore and offshore

We propose new categories of sessions at 22nd ISS Copenhagen
Academia meets industry
World seaweed biomass availability and management- the real facts!
breeding (incl. genetic improvements)- status and future possibilities
molecular gastronomy including taste and texture
bioactive compounds
but classic phycology themes will not be forgotten
We are looking forward to see you at
22nd International Seaweed Symposium in Copenhagen 2016
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