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James Ale

James Ale is fighting for a park in his home town Davie.

Peyton Cooper

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of James Ale

description James Ale James Ale had a friend who was hit by a car while playing in a street; thats when he realized they needed a park. Soon after, James met
the mayor and the town
administrator and discussed
the idea of the park. They
decided there just wasn't
enough room. James didnt
give up. (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio And his fight for a park! James Ale phoned the mayor
the next day. The mayor rejected
the park idea. James made a petition
and only got fifty kids to sign. When James called the mayor
again requesting an appointment
in person, she agreed. Mayor Kovac was impressed
with James' presentation. She
promised to look into it and
that she would call him soon. Finally, his work paid off,
he went to their town council
meeting. they announced the
creation of a new park. This nine year old boy never
gave up. He has more diligence
than an adult! James Ale worked
hard and learned alot. kids have
rights too, and we just need to learn
to use them. Town park!
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