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The Excretory System

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Takh Yulia

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of The Excretory System

The Excretory System
How does it work
Where the Excretory System is located
- can be found all over the body
- main organs located in the lower half of the body
- (kidneys, ureter, and bladder)


1.Kidney 6.Renal Artery
2.Renal Vein 7.Ureter
3.Vena Cava 8.Bladder
4.Urethra 9.Muscle Ring
This is a diagram with all labeled parts
Renal Vein
Vena Cava
Renal Artery
The Parts of the Excretory System are:
What is the Excretory System
The Excretory system is
a system in the human
body that removes waste
and unnecessary materials
from the body. All the
waste is taken out of
the body by excreting it out.
Basically its job is to get
rid of bad stuff in your
body and keep your body clean.
First, blood is carried into the kidneys by the renal artery (anything in the body related to the kidneys is called "renal"). The average person has 1 to 1½ gallons of blood circulating through his or her body.the kidneys filter that blood as many as 400 times a day! More than 1 million tiny filters inside the kidneys remove the waste.
Systems the Excretory System Interacts with
The respiratory systems helps the excretory system by eliminating water vapor and carbon dioxide.
The Nervous system
The nervous system sends commands to the excretory system telling it what to do and when to go.

For example like if you needed to pee you would get a little tingle telling you that its time and that would be the nervous system working with the excretory system.
The Digestive system
The Circulatory system
The excretory system interacts with five other human body systems.
What other human body systems does the excretory system interact with?
The Respiratory system
The digestive system is one of the biggest systems the excretory system interacts with.
Muscle Ring
The digestive system helps remove broken down food, feces and other waste.
The circulatory system
The circulatory system plays a role by circulating blood through the kidneys.
The circulatory system also removes urea, uric and water from the kidneys.
The Endocrine system
The endocrine system helps the excretory system by helping the excretory system with urine production .
The endocrine system sends hormones to help the excretory system with the control of urine production.
-blue tube is vena cava
-red tube is aorta
-job is to filter blood that contains wastes
-Renal Vein
-job is to take blood out of the kidneys
-job is to carry blood into the heart from the lower body
-job is to keep urine inside then give a signal and release urine
-job is to keep blood flowing
-renal artery
-job is to take blood into the kidneys
-white tubes are the ureters
-job is to get urine from kidneys then pass the urine to the bladder
-job is to just keep urine inside
Diseases that affect the Excretory System
Kidney Stones
Kidney Failure
- when kidneys stop functioning


- dehydration
- hypovolemia (low blood volume)
- abnormal blood flow to and from the kidney due to obstruction of the renal artery or vein

- drowsiness
- swollen ankles/feet
- blood in urine
- nausea

Bladder Cancer
- a cancerous tumor formed in the tissue lining the bladder


- reasoning for this cancer is unclear
- common reasons of bladder cancer: smoking, radiation, parasitic infections

- painful urination
- back pain
- usual urge to urinate
- pain in pelvic region

- stone-like lumps that can form in the kidney/kidneys


- lack of water/ hereditary
- causes levels of water, salts and minerals to be altered
- not enough water in the body to dilute the uric acid
- results in ph levels in the kidneys to drop(kidney stones develop)


- vomiting/nausea
- painful/ frequent urination
- pain in the side
- blood in urine
1.What is the excretory systems job in the human body?
2.Name 3 organs of the excretory system and explain what each part does?
3.Name one disease that effects the excretory system?
4.Name 2 other systems that the excretory system interacts with.Explain how for one of them.
5.What is the main organ of the excretory system?
6.Name two symptoms of kidney failure?
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