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Prezi Training by Learn Prezi

Want to wow your audience with Prezi? We can help with every step!

Learn Prezi

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Training by Learn Prezi

info@learnprezi.com Find out more about customized Prezi training for you and your group: Angelie Agarwal Head Instructor experience Supported the Prezi user community through Get Satisfaction and Facebook
Developed tutorials for Prezi's learn page, including tips and tricks and step-by-step videos
Created and hosted weekly webinar for beginner Prezi users
Learned about Prezi users through meetups and face-to-face visits at companies, schools, and organizations Chief Evangelist, Prezi Inc.
Nov 2009 - Jan 2012 Punctual
Attention to detail I believe teaching and learning can be fun! I bring energy and humor into every training, and let the attendees guide the topic and pace - making it an enjoyable and informative session for each client. slides boring you've always used no time but you know they're you want to learn Prezi, but you have no fun you hate long and complicated trainings that are We know how you feel Learn Prezi you our trainings are customized to you can choose to do the training online or in person we make sure you have fun while you learn Prezi It's as easy as... Choose a date and time Tell us what you'd like to focus on Learn to use Prezi in a session that is customized to you and your team we cover everything 1 2 3 Choosing the right license
Inserting text, images, and videos
Customizing fonts and colors
Using frames for grouping
Adding a path to your story
Collaborating via Prezi Meeting
Tips and tricks for presenting ...and more! we have the right
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