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The History of Pizza

No description

Nicole Cordova

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The History of Pizza

History of Pizza Origin Origin: There is no true of where pizza comes from. Many say its from Egypt while others say Italy or Greece. Most say pizza originated from Italy though. Pizza was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in Menlo Park NJ in 1880. By Nicole Cordova and Alizah McGee Famous Story of Pizza:
In about 1889, Queen Margherita, took an inspection tour of her Italian Kingdom. During her travels around Italy she saw many people, especially the peasants, eating this large, flat bread. Curious, the queen ordered her guards to bring her one of these Pizza breads. The Queen loved the bread and would eat it every time she was out amongst the people, which caused some consternation in Court circles. It was not seemly for a Queen to dine on peasant's food. The “Pizza Movement”:
By the beginning of the 1900's pizza made it's way to the inner cities United States, thanks to Italian immigrants, most notably New York and Chicago, due to those cities having large Italian populations. Today pizza has become just as American as baseball and apple pie. Only because of its most recent origins is it considered an Italian dish. The first "Pizza Hut", a chain of pizza restaurants, appeared in the United States during the 1930s. Approximately 350 slices of pizza per second in America are being eaten. And 36 percent of those pizza slices are pepperoni slices, making pepperoni the number one choice among pizza toppings in the United States. Pizza was first created by the baker Raffeale Esposito in Naples, Italy. According to legend, Esposito wanted to create a kind of bread that would stand apart from all other kinds sold in Naples. He first experimented with adding only cheese to bread, then added sauce underneath it and let the dough take the shape of a large round pie. His creation was immediately a favorite, and Esposito was called to make a pizza for the visit of King Umberto and Queen Margherita of Italy in 1889. He made a pizza of three colors-white cheese, red sauce and green basil spices, to mirror the Italian flag and show his loyalty to his country. It was a hit, and he named his creation the Margherita pizza after the queen. Pizza facts:

Pizza Hut is the largest pizza company in the world.
October is National Pizza Month.
Kids between the ages of 3 and 11 prefer pizza over all other foods for dinner.
Three out of the top 10 weeks of pizza consumption occur in January. More pizza is consumed during Super Bowl week than any other week of the year.
62% of Americans prefer meat toppings on their pizza, while 38% prefer vegetarian pizza.
Mozzarella cheese was originally made from the milk of water buffalo! Works Cited:
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