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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

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Taylor Kinsella

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

Title, Author, Genre, POV
The theme is that no matter how unfortunate, someone can do brilliant things.

This is the theme of the book because Klaus, Violet, and Sunny are all unfortunate, but together eventually stop Count Olaf from getting their fortune.
Climax, Falling Action, Conclusion
Title & Author
The title of my book is A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning.

The Author is Lemony Snicket. He also writes the rest of the series (13 books in the series total).
Genre & POV
The Genre of this book is Realistic Fiction. Most of the parts of the story can really happen in real life.

The POV (or point of view) is 3rd Person Omniscient. This is so because you know the feelings of most of the characters, and is narrated by none of the characters.
There are four main places in this book. This book takes place in the past, first of all, as it was written in 1999 and has no proof of future time. One setting is Count Olaf's house, which is a large, dark, quiet, and dirty house. Another setting is Count Olaf's tower, which is tall and dirty. Another setting is Mr. Poe's house. This setting is not used often. The final setting is Justice Strauss' library.
Violet Baudelaire is a 14 year old girl. She is the oldest of the Baudelaire children, and she loves inventing things.

Violet is dynamic. She starts out as a girl that invents things for fun, and some are sometimes useful in life. She later builds inventions that help her and the Baudelaire children from getting hurt at Count Olaf's house.
The conflict of the book is what happens to the Baudelaires. The three Baudelaire children found out that their house was burned down, and they have to move in with Count Olaf, who tries everything to get their fortune.

The conflict is external. The conflict is happening in the real world, not in someone's mind.
Rising Action
Violet and Klaus are brought down from the tower, and get ready to star in the play. In the final scene, Violet and Count Olaf act out a scene where they get married, with the witness of the judge, Justice Strauss. Once Violet says “I do,” and signs the legal marriage documents, Count Olaf explains to the crowd that Violet and himself are married for real! But, Klaus explains that they are not. He says that Violet has to write the papers with her own hand, which is the hand she always writes in, her right hand. But, she signed with her left! Justice Strauss explains that that is true, and says that they are not really married!
Falling Action
As Count Olaf is getting arrested, Sunny is brought down from the tower. But, Count Olaf escapes, as one of his theater troupe members turns off the lights. He says to Violet that he would somehow get the Baudelaire fortune, then leaves.
Violet tries to find a way to get Sunny down from the tower. She stays up all night, trying to make a grappling hook. She makes one and climbs up the tower, but gets caught by someone in Count Olaf's theater troupe, and is locked in the top of the tower! Klaus is also brought up to the tower, and they both have to stay up there until The Marvelous Marriage starts!
Klaus Baudelaire is a 12 year old boy. He is the middle child in the Baudelaire family. He loves reading, and used to always go to a library every day to read for hours.

Klaus is dynamic. He used to always read when he could, but there was nothing to read when the Baudelaires had to move in with Count Olaf. When he gets to go to Justice Strauss' library, he finds a book and reads it through the night to find out what Count Olaf is doing.
Sunny Baudelaire is a 3 year old infant. She loves biting things, and can not say many real words. She did not know what was happening around her.

Sunny is static. She never knew what was happening around her, before, during, and after going to Count Olaf's house.
Justice Strauss is a judge who lives next door to Count Olaf. She becomes a good friend to the Baudelaire children, and helps them when she can.

Justice Strauss is dynamic. She starts out as a friendly woman who doesn't find Count Olaf as a bad man. But, when Count Olaf announces that his plans worked, Justice Strauss sees that Count Olaf is a bad man, and arrests him.
Count Olaf is an adult. He is said to be a relative of the Baudelaires. He adopted the Baudelaire children so he could somehow get their fortune.

Count Olaf is static. He only adopted the Baudelaires to get their fortune, and tries everything to get it. He never gave up, even though he kept failing. He still wants to get their fortune.
Mr. Poe is an adult who took care of the Baudelaire children while he looked for a relative that they could move in with.

Mr. Poe is dynamic. He puts the Baudelaire children in Count Olaf's house, because he was the only relative in town. He doesn't think that Count Olaf would be mean to the Baudelaires, but when Count Olaf announces his plan, Mr. Poe keeps the Baudelaires away from him brings them with him.
Violet Baudelaire
Klaus Baudelaire
Sunny Baudelaire
Count Olaf
Justice Strauss
Mr. Poe
The Baudelaire children find out that their mansion was burned down, with thier parents inside. They had to move in with Mr. Poe for a while, but then move in with Count Olaf. Count Olaf was always mean to the Baudelaires, and makes them do work all day. All he wants is the Baudelaire fortune. One night, he makes the Baudelaires make a dinner for him and his theater troupe, and criticizes them for not making the right meal, even though he had no specific meal for them to make. His theater troupe knows that Count Olaf wants their fortune, and they tell him how to get it. Count Olaf starts to be nicer to the children, but the children know something is up. Count Olaf was never nice to them.
Klaus stays up all night, and reads the book that he took. He finds out that if Violet says "I do" and signs the papers, Count Olaf and Violet marry each other for real! The next morning, he tells Count Olaf that he knows what he is trying to do. Count Olaf acts calm, and doesn’t seem to care. As Klaus wakes up Violet, he realizes that Sunny is gone! They look out the window, and notice that Sunny is in a bird cage, up at the top of Count Olaf’s tower!
Count Olaf starts setting up a play, and tells Violet and Klaus to be in it. The play was called
The Marvelous Marriage
, where Count Olaf's and Violet's characters marry each other. Klaus doesn't think that Count Olaf would be that nice to them, so Violet, Klaus and Sunny go their new neighbor, Justice Strauss, and ask if they could use her library. They look in lots of law books, looking for what Count Olaf is trying to do with the play. As the Baudelaires look in the library, a member of Count Olaf's theater troupe comes, and takes the Baudelaires back home, so they could not get any reason for Count Olaf to be making his play the way he is. Klaus rushes and finds a book that could help him find out why Count Olaf wants them to be in the play.
Violet, Sunny, and Klaus are brought back with Mr. Poe, to eventually move in with another relative.
Opinion and Recommendation
I really enjoyed this book. It has some action, lots of suspense and realism, and some mystery.
I recommend this book to people who love realistic fiction and suspense in books. There is a lot of suspense in the book overall, as there is a lot of foreshadowing.
Prezi made by: Taylor Kinsella
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