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04.04 Obstacles

No description

tatiana rusli

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of 04.04 Obstacles

04.04 Obstacles

The Problem
A student, Duncan, scored low on a standardized test because he did not study enough in time. Duncan has been told by a few peers that he should get a tutor for when he retakes the test. Unfortunately, tutors can be expensive and he doesn't want to spend the money he has earned from work or his parents' money to get a tutor. So he debates whether he should just retake it without any help or to go ahead and hire a tutor.
Duncan begins to experience overconfidence and counterproductive heuristics; he believes he can get a better score without studying and without a tutor now that he has become familiarized with the test. The test is critical to whether he is accepted into a good college or not. And yet, Duncan is still confident that he can do it and now refuses to listen to his peers into getting a professional tutor.
Duncan has the mind set that since he usually gets alright quiz scores in class, that he'll do fine on his test.
How it can be overcome
Duncan had to be aware that his problem exists and acknowledge that he cannot pass this test without at least studying.
One of his knowledgeable peers could strategically use the framing effect on him by somehow making getting a tutor sound more appealing than saving money. Maybe they could suggest that if he gets a tutor he can get a really good score and not have to pay to retake the test for a third time, therefore saving money.
Tatiana Rusli
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