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Podcast Production And Script Writing

No description

Mitchell Peters

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Podcast Production And Script Writing

Podcast Activity
New Media, Creativity and Language Learning
Podcasting Storytelling
3. Script and
Interview Questions
4. Deciding on
What sounds will help you tell your story?
Production Workshop in
6 easy steps
1. Podcast Concept,Genre and Form
2. Underlying Pedagogical Model
3. Podcasting in the Language Class-Form and Concept
4. Idea Development. Script and/or Interview Designs, and Sound Design
5. Examples of Authentic Podcasts and Student Made Podcasts
6. Podcast Production Activity
Podcast Ideas
-A guide to your city´s Best Neighborhoods.
-Interview podcast
-Text response
-Travel Guide to destinations in Europe.
-Round Table Debate.
-Music-Film-Television Reviews.
-Political/Social Commentary
-Scientific Phenomenon
-Radio Drama

2. Idea Development
Identify, Plan and Outline what will be said.

Will you start with...

How are you going to start your recording so that you catch the attention of the listener?


What facts or information are you going to be telling your listener?

Think about the order that
they should be placed in.
How will you end
your podcast?
Will you ...

 restate an important fact?

 ask another question?

 give an opinion?
Sound Design
What sounds will complement your script?
Look for copyright cleared and free sources of music and sound

Concept and Genre
What is a Podcast?
What makes podcasting different from other genres, or types of media?

What are the different elements
of a podcast?
What do you typically find in a podcast?
Why would someone
listen to a podcast?

1. Podcast
And Where?
Your project begins with an idea
My Favorite
The Secret History of Thoughts
When Cheating Happens
In and Out of Love:
Skating in the Park
Season 1 Preview
Flight or Invisibility
Podcast Design and Production
In groups of no more than 4,
we are going to develop, script, and record
a narrative driven podcast.

Step 1. Brainstorm Podcast Idea
Step 2. Using storyboard/outline, script your podcast
Step 3. Rehearse your podcast script, ensuring that everyone has speaking roles.
Step 4. Record Podcast using microphone.
Step 5. Listen to podcasts as a class.


This is Radio: Daniel Alcorcon
Podcast Uses
in Language Learning
-As a learning tool for students
-Student produced podcasts: touching on all
areas of Language use; writing, reading, listening, speaking + Creativity
-Listening comprehension of authentic podcasts. (metacognitive listening model)
Podcast Forms
-Narrative Non Fiction/Documentary
-Interview Based
-Roundtable Discussion on Scientific/Social Phenomenon
-Review of Case-Study, Scientific Article.

Research your subject – are you aware of their views already? Do you want to cover points they’ve already expressed in other formats, or explore new ground?

Think about the listener – what will be engaging? Are there points of controversy to explore? What are the absolute core messages that you must cover?

Keep your question list to 5-7 questions, allowing opportunity to ask follow-up questions to pursue a topic further if a particular question merits deeper examination.

Open questions are your best opportunity to engage a subject –
Designing Interview Questions for Audio
Adapted from: Five steps to great podcast interviews. http://www.kineo.com/resources/top-tips/learning-strategy-and-design/five-steps-to-great-podcast-interviews
How did the podcast attract your attention?
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