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Quickie Mart

No description

Brooke Allinger

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Quickie Mart

Quickie Mart
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
This is the following problem we have to deal with. We are a contractor specializing in the construction of commercial buildings and the Quickie Mart corporation has just hired our services to build a new Quickie Mart twenty-two miles outside of Phoenix, Arizona, alongside Interstate 10. The Quickie Mart will sell gasoline, diesel and ethanol, as well as food, drinks and other miscellaneous merchandise. The Quickie Mart will be one story.
Developing a Budget and Materials
As the lead contractor on the new Quickie Mart in Phoenix, your regular crew is not enough so you will need to hire out 30 extra people to help with the construction of the building. You decide to place an ad in the newspaper’s employment section. However, before you place the ad the newspaper, you need to decide on how much to pay per hour the extra workers. You are paying your regular workers $12/hour for this job, and you are thinking about paying the extra workers two dollars less an hour because they have not worked for you before and because they will be temporary. To compensate for the lower wages, you will allow the extra workers to work a total of four to five hours extra per week.
Once the job has begun, there is some conflict between a few of the regular and extra workers. Because of the nature of personal and professional relationships that developed from day one, it is difficult to talk openly between all of the regular and extra workers. So, tact has to be used when talking generally with all of the workers in order not to show favoritism or bias to one worker or the other. To address this sense of uneasiness, you keep almost all of the talk to general conversation about work and occasional discussion on family, health or pastime activities. To be equitable, you decide to keep the talk general with your regular and extra employees during working hours.
Have a budget of $1,318,506.83
Be personal with all of the workers
Avoid animosity between older and new employees and create a cohesive team
Quickie Mart is

Show genuine interest in all workers, regular and extra even though conversations may naturally appear less personal
Treat all of the workers fairly
What if the extra workers take offense when conversations are more personal with the regular employees?
We will let them know that there may be future positions available for them depending on how well they work together
Plumbing from buildingjournal.com
Electric from topelectricians.com
Building Cost from2013 RSMeans data
Weather Conditions
Late August to March the next year
Through the City of Phoenix
Possible Arguments
Cheaper Companies
More Eco-Friendly Materials
Larger Budget

You will hold a short, informal meeting as the employees are clocking-in to tell them about the new employees. You will warn them that no-hostility will be tolerated and explain to them the pay difference emphasizing that they will only be here a short while and they must learn to act as a professional working team.
Once the new employees are hired, you will hold a short meeting on their first day to explain to them how things run in your company. Let them know that questions, comments, concerns, can go to you or they may ask any of the older employees. Explain to them that they are allowed to work more hours, if they so choose, than the older employees due to a small pay difference. Again, hostility and a non-cohesive team working will result in major consequences.
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