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Эфиопия: от вершин к низинам и обратно

Данакиль, Эрта-Але, долина Омо, Лалибела, Гондар и озеро Тана.

Einat Klein

on 4 May 2018

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Transcript of Эфиопия: от вершин к низинам и обратно

to the source of humankind and back
4 hours flight
Capital of Ethiopia. It's better to leave it as fast as possible.
Addis Ababa
Hamar Tribe
Mursi Tribe
Dorze Tribe
Ari Tribe

Karo tribe
Bull Jumping ceremony
Benna Tribe
Arbore Tribe
Dassenech Tribe
Omo valley tribes

Племена долины Омо

Salt mining
Assale Lake
Danakil Depression
Danakil Depression
Danakil depression
Erta Ale volcano
Assale Lake
Afar Tribe land
Cradle of Christianity
Lalibela churches
Tana Lake
Blue Nile waterfalls
Ethiopian North
The end

Facebook: Einat Klein
Instagram: visit_ethiopia_ru
Telephone: 054-674-88-90
E-mail: info@travellab-ethiopia.com
And you are there!
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