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Surveillance of learning

Presentation for the SRHE Annual Conference 2012

Bruce Macfarlane

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Surveillance of learning

A higher education panopticon?

Attendance monitoring: students complete registers or swipe in
Assessment for attendance: oral presentations, in-class tests and quizzes timed at the beginning of class
Participation grading: students receive a class 'contribution' grade on basis of attendance and 'engagement'
E-surveillance: students contributions to online discussion forums are graded.
a critical analysis of university student
attendance policies
Bruce Macfarlane
The University of Hong Kong
The Surveillance of Learning
SRHE Annual Conference 2012
Justifying the roll call
The surveillance of learning

Presenteeism: when you learn
Learnerism: how you learn
Globalism: what you learn
Accountability: stakeholder argument, compliance argument
learning community argument

Welfare: academic performance argument, student care argument

Work preparation: 'real world' argument, professional practice argument

Implications of presenteeism
* encourages a reductionist understanding of learning at university
* prioritises behavioural over intellectual development
* retards student capacity to make autonomous decisions
* restricts student academic freedom

Bentham's panopticon and Foucault
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