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Devin Hollins

No description

Ryan Theman

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Devin Hollins

Kyle has a lot of favorite stuff. here are some of his favorites. Kyles hobbies are video games, texting, and sports. His favorite holiday is new years because he gets to spend time with his family. Kyles favorite teacher is mr.s Citus because she is very nice. His mom is the kindest person in his life. Kyles mom and dad are the most important people in his life.
Kyle has a ton of favorites. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Kyle has a lot of stuff that goes on in his life.
here are some of the things he told me about him.
Kyle is closest to his mom, dad, and his brother. In the morning his alarm clock motivates him. The most important lesson he learned is never leave your parents side. KYle had a house in Maridith, 2 in Laconia, and now he lives on Prescot hill in laconia. Kyle is probably going to do a lot of stuff in the future. kyle has many interesting
things about him. here are
some of them. kyles full name
is Kyle Christopher Leighton.
kyle was born in the Laconia
lakes region hospital, on may,21,2001
at 3: 21 in the morning. He has
no pets but he used to have a dog
kyle is verry interesting
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