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Special characters in Prezi

Proof of concept for Greek characters, subscripts, and superscripts in Prezi

Theo Hopman

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Special characters in Prezi

Some Greek letters: αβγ
A chemical equation: CH₄ + 2 O₂ → CO₂ + 2 H₂O.
Unicode includes a wealth of characters: not just the obvious ones like Greek, but also a complete set of numeric subscripts and superscripts. With the right font, these can be used in Prezi as well. I haven't tested many, but Crimson Text seems to work well. Type your text in a word processor, inserting special characters, then paste into Prezi!
Superscript support isn't complete: NO₃ should include a superscript minus (Unicode 207B), but doesn't (yet).
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