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Senegal Presentation

Liam And Christopher's Prezi About Senegal

Christopher Louth

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Senegal Presentation

By Christopher and Liam
Imports And Exports
What Do They Eat In Senegal?
Unemployment Rate
Natural Landscaope
Even though Senegal is poor country, they have some
very successful footballers. Here are their 5 best
1. Demba Ba [Chelsea]
2. Papiss Demba Cisse [Newcastle]
3. Mousa Sow [Fenerbahce]
4. Mohamed Diame [West Ham UTD]
5. Abdoulaye Ba [Porto]
Senegal's main exports are cotton, petroleum products and manufacturing good. Their main imports are fuel, Capital goods and food. Their partners in exports are Brazil, US and the UK.
In Senegal they have both a President and a Prime Minister. The President is called Macky Sall and the Prime Minister is called Abdoul Mbaye. The current President was sworn in in April 2012 after a previous spell as PM from 2004 to 2007. Abdoul Mbaye was also sworn in in April 2012. The President is Alliance For The Republic whereas, The Prime Minister Is Independent.
The Unemployment rate in Senegal is 10.20 %
This means that, currently, 6,693,061 people are
unemployed. One of the reasons of unempoplyment in Senegal is because so many people are to sick to work and that means that only 5% of Senegalese people work.
In Senegal they have a few marvellous sights, like the Lac Rosa. Lac Rosa is the worlds only natural pink lake, located north-east of the capital, Dakar. The pink effect of the lake is caused by Dunaliella salina algae in the water that produce a red pigment that uses sunlight to create more energy, turning the waters pink
Weather And Cilmate
The weather in Senegal is mainly sunny, with some rain in the rainy season. The local climate is tropical with dry, dusty seasons and humid seasons. This is result of north west winter winds and south west summer winds. The dry seasons are dominated by hot and dry harmattan winds, whereas, the wet seasons have about 24 inches of rainfall and a maximum temprature of 30c. The maximum
in the dry season is 54c
In Senegal they have a diet of mainly
fish and rice with vegetables. Pork is
not allowed due to the high muslim
population. French recipes may be found due
to the French holding it as a colony until 1960.
Senegal is the worlds largest peanut grower. And
one of there favourite foods are five cent cookies.
Ideas To End Poverty
Our ideas for ending or slightly reducing poverty in Senegal are;
The richest people in the country could pay more tax and the diffrence goes to the people in Senegal
The Brittish and American Chancellors could set aside money for Senegal ie the money saved in the budget.
Main cause of poverty
One of the main causes of poverty in senegal is that since there is to many diseases and infections and to many people are to sick to work,The government are trying to stop it by spending 12% of the budget on healthcare. One of the most common diseases is malaria because of a high number of mosquitos in the country.
.The unemployment in Senegal
isn't as good as Scotland.
.Scotland is in Europe and Senegal is in Africa.
. Senegal has 8,186,136 more people than Scotland.
.Senegal has a President and Prime Minister but Scotland only has a First Minister.
The End
Thank you for listening and watching
Death And Birth Rate
In Senegal there is 36 births a minute.
8.8 out of 1000 people die in Senegal
every day.
Did you know
That the Senegal Football Team made it to FIFA World Cup Finals in 2002,
enjoying a good run, reaching the Quarter Finals, which is better than
. In Senegal education is free up to the age of 16.
. The Senegalese education system is based on it's French Equivalent.
. Many Families send there
children to private schools but citation is needed for that.
. One of Senegal's main universities is Cheikh Anta Diop university.
Video courtesy of tfwfootball
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