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Paricutin Volcano

No description

Natalie Cooper

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Paricutin Volcano

Paricutin Volcano
By: Natalie Cooper, Jonathan MV,

The Paricutin Volcano is located in Michoacan, Mexico. It was discovered on February 20, 1943, by a farmer named Dionisio Pulido around 4 PM. The landform is believed to be 70 years old.
What minerals and rocks
are found there?
The Paricutin volcano is a Cinder Cone volcano. This type of volcano apears from vents, or cracks in the ground, that spew out lava cooling at the top untill the vent closes.
How was It Created
History of the Paricutin Volcano

Is there life found there?
Many ingeous rocks are found at the Paricutin Volcano like Granite, Scoria, Pumice, and Obsidian. Minerals can also be found near volcanoes, but are not nessesarly made from it.
No indigenous animals are found on
the volcano. Around it, however, there are
trees, as well as other
plants, and animals.
The Paricutin Volcano started growing in 1943 and stoped in 1952 to a height of 424 meters (1,391 feet).
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