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Iran Blizzard 1972

No description

Taya Pyne

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Iran Blizzard 1972

Iran Blizzard 1972
General Facts
Began February 3rd, 1972
Ended February 9th, 1972
There were four years of drought preceding the disaster
Dubbed the "most lethal snowstorm in world history"
For comparison, the second worst blizzard occurred in Afghanistan in 2008 killing 926 people
The blizzard started up again on February 11
Many rescue workers had to stop helping to seek shelter
Temperatures fell to -13 degrees Fahrenheit
How the Blizzard Formed
Three major requirements of a blizzard:
Cold Air for the snow
Moisture for clouds and precipitation
Rising warm airs
Cold dry air meets the warm moist air and forms a front.
The Definition of a Blizzard:
Winds up to 25 MPH and higher
Consistent snowfall
Came from western Iran to Azerbaijan
The Damage
Death Toll
The missing peoples report was at at one point 6,000.
4,000 dead
No survivors in the villages: Kakkan, Kumar, and Sheklab
100 people inhabited Sheklab
Some were buried in snow up to 26 feet
No heat, water, food, or medical help for up to 6 days
10 - 26 feet of snow
In isolated places in Iran, flu spread so quickly and in some specific areas, the infection rate was eerily close to 100%
200 villages gone
Houses collapsed
Snow plows even indisposed
Buried countless cars, homes, and human beings
The amount of snow that fell was equal to that of a two and a half story building.
Telephone lines snapped
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