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Curriculum Night

No description

Megan Bailey

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Curriculum Night

Third Grade Curriculum Night
Goals for this year!
To give your child the academic tools he/she needs to progress to 4th grade and create life long learners.
To provide a supportive learning environment, which promotes continuous growth.
To engage students in the learning process.
To create long lasting friendships and learn to work as a team.

This is an important year for your child!
Students will be expected to be more independent in their work and have greater responsibility than in previous years.
Good study habits need to be developed to ensure future success in school.

Welcome to 3rd Grade
Students will be introduced to fundamental reading strategies and robust vocabulary as we progress through the third grade Common Core literacy standards.
Students will practice these skills in the classroom throughout a variety of activities including small group that are differentiated to meet the need of the students.
We will give ample time for students to prepare for assessments, please keep an eye out for study guides, and flashcards.
Pretest every Monday
Every week students will have opportunities to practice their personal spelling list in class.
Students should study nightly to prepare for Friday's test.
The students will be tested on their differentiated spelling words on Friday.
Students may practice their spelling words by logging onto Spellingcity.
We will be using a Writer's Workshop model for writing instruction. Throughout the year students will learn about the different stages of the writing process.
Third grade will focus on the following:
Information Writing
Zaner Bloser
Letters will be introduced throughout the first quarter.
Quarely curive assessments will be given, a rubric will be used when grading.
We will incorporate grammar and writing.
Weekly grammar lessons will focus on conventions and parts of speech.
Students will be assessed in a variety of ways. We will look at their writing to ensure they are using appropriate grammar conventions, and will use specific grammar assessments.
Nightly Reading
New concepts will be introduced in class. Students will work in small groups to practice skills.
There will be nightly math homework to review concepts taught in class.
The pacing of the math curriculum, as set by the district, moves rather quickly.
Science & Social Studies
We will begin the year with a plant unit in Science.
Study guides will be sent home to help prepare students for their test.
All Social Studies chapters and vocabulary can be reviewed online!
Art is a graded subject.
Third graders will receive a G, S, or N for Art.
Projects will be assigned, and students will be given ample class time to complete.
The third grade expectation is MASTERY of multiplication and division within 100 by the end of the year. We will assess the fluency standard by using daily "quickie quizzes." Students will have one minute to complete 20 multiplication equations.
Number Sense:
Although the third grade mastery standard focuses on multiplication and division, students should remain fluent with their addition and subtraction facts.
Fact Fluency
Students are expected to read at least 20 minutes per night.
I invite you to help your child with any homework as long as it is completed in their own handwriting.
Assignments will reinforce learning from daily lessons.
Homework is to be completed at home, not on the bus.

Please look over your child’s work and be sure that the quality is acceptable.
Please SIGN your child’s assignment notebook daily.
Please note: Children are given a reasonable amount of time to finish school work. If your child seems to have excessive homework, it may indicate that work habits need improvement. We may need to conference if this is the case.
In third grade, we use a clip chart to monitor student behavior.
Students may move up and down throughout the day.
Their behavior will be recorded in their assignment notebook daily.
Grading Scale
A+ = 100%
A = 99-95%
A- = 94-91%
B+ = 90-88%
B = 87-85%
B- = 84-82%
C+ = 81-79%
C = 78-76%
C- = 75-73%
D+ = 72-70%
D = 69=67%
D- = 66-64%
F = 63- 0%
MAP identifies students' strengths and areas to focus.
PARCC replaced ISAT as our state assessment.
All third graders participate in WIN.
During this time students will receive enrichment, additional grade level practice, or support in reading or math.
WIN will begin once assessment data has been reviewed to find the best fit for each student.
If a student receives 5 missing assignments in a month, they will receive a detention.
Missing Assignments
We all know that birthdays are important to every child
and that kids like to celebrate with their classmates. I have
provided a list of alternatives to bringing in treats for your
child’s birthday celebration at school.
Party favors (bouncy balls, matchbox cars, erasers, tops, magnifying glasses, notepads, balloons, whistles, bubbles, etc.)
Donate a book to our classroom library in honor of your child’s birthday.
Buy something for the classroom such as an indoor recess game.
Hours 8:15AM-4:00PM
Email is the best way to contact me.
Please indicate if I may or may not call you at any time throughout the day.
I check my e-mail several times during the day. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please call.
Feel free to send notes with your child.
Please realize that I sometimes have meetings before or after school. I will make every attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.
Contact Info

Tuesday Folders will contain graded papers. This should be signed and returned weekly.
If you are planning a vacation during school time, assignments will be given upon your child’s return, per our district and building handbook. Homework will NOT be given ahead of time.
Every minute of the day is important for learning; therefore, when possible, avoid having your child tardy to school or picking them up early.
If you need to pick up your child early, it is important to send a note. Many times, the students will tell me they are to be picked up, but I don’t receive a note. I have to put them on the bus or go to their designated place without written notice or phone call to office.

Meet the Teacher

Third Grade Fluency Standard:
MAP does not test the third grade curriculum; rather, it is a tool to measure students' progress in school.
Students will take a computerized test on Common Core math, and reading two times a year.
District formative assessments will be given in ELA and Math at the end of each unit to check for mastery of concepts and skills taught in class.
Taken only in May this year.
Common Assessments
Let’s work together to have a great year!

We Are Young shirts and Community Cards are available for $10 eac
Informational Meeting Thursday Sept. 10 9:30 am & 6:30 pm
We Are Young 5K and Block Party September 27th.
Please fill out a Family Information Sheet
See us in the lobby or email at

PTO is using the Remind App! Download it to receive text reminders! Come by our table in the lobby for help!
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