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K-Pop and Codeswitching

An introduction to my Thesis

Patrick White

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of K-Pop and Codeswitching

A research framework K-Pop and Codeswitching Introduction Method, Data Collection Citations - No cherry picking

- I want a huge database, potentially going back 50 years... could I find the first instance of English code switching in Korean music? 1 example of dozens
I hope to find Jamie Shinhee Lee
3 Possible methods: Harvest from Noreabang Machine Option 1 Pro's Con's Extensive Meta Data (artist, data, date published) Huge Widely Used Massive database of songs
already collected & proofed Everyday hundreds of thousands of people sing these songs Difficult to obtain (licensing fee?) Data Format? Anyone know someone who owns a noraebang? (encryption?, size, lots of stuff I don't need Legality
I Don't Need A Man Miss A Miss A What I need, an example of the data: Artist, title, album, Lyrics
I Don't Need A Man Miss A Miss A PSY SNSD Entire Database Option 2 Option 3 Alsong Huge Widely Used Massive database of songs
already collected in the Alsong database Everyday hundreds of thousands of people sing these songs Difficult to obtain Don't steal music! Difficult to manage Must download a huge number of mp3 files!
No lyric torrents A lot of hours collecting music I don't need Legality Downloads lyrics
from mp3s Download mp3s or .lrc (lyric files from the internet)
then build the database from that Pro's Con's UCC!! The lyric files are user generated content, legal?!? ALTools is English songs in
database too! Many
different lyrical
intrepretations a mountain of data! sitting on p.215 'Real Talk'
transcribed what they heard ? What if I could download the lyrics from the Alsong database more easily? GetLyrics2 Doesn't need mp3s PSY Don't need GetLyrics2 Program .xml request sent to alsong's servers
(no open directory) Thought! Matches Received Unique ID for every transcription
(md5 of mp3) 6,500,000???? Testing Result: get record():
x = 0
x = x + 1 Lots of metadata,
but cannot search! Can download lyrics, but we must specify both artist and title! Where does that leave me? Contact Alsong, beg for data Contact better hackers,
beg for help Brute Force?
Korean 22 characters
2,000 groupings
Billions and Billions of options Why am I still excited? Once the Korean music database is complete it's trivial to build: A Korean music word frequency chart Many Korean music learning tools A Korean music corpus (historical data) Something useful? For researchers Thought! But even though the database is not complete, let's assume it is with a few cherry picked examples Not limited to sociolinguistics research Song Analysis Wow! And I'm not talking about the video, which I haven't watched yet This is for all the independent ladies I don't need a man I don't need a man (What?) Boy don't say No No Boy don't play Korean lyric translation discussion/framework The grand narrative blog Soft Power of English in K-Pop Issues to examine: Language, Power, and Pedagogies Nationalism, Identity, and Popular Culture English as an International Language Multilingualism and Codeswitching in Education Style and Styling Contrastive Rhetoric Multimodal Literacy Language and Identity Language and Culture Critically examine the content of music Of videos Of lyrics Why are some lyrics sung in English? Deconstruct/reconstruct
design p56 Globalization and Cultural Flows Pennycooks examination of "Urban Codes
in the Francophone World" Languages Remixed Challenging Language Realities **Researching Language and Popular
culture World Englishes Konglish in K-Pop? Standards Debate English as a Lingua Franca Imagined Communities - South Korea's
English Mania/ English Fever Identity Access Globalization of African American- Vernacular English in popular culture: Blinglish in Korean Hip Hop* Jamie Shinhee Lee University of Michigan-Dearborn (2011) Korean Royale With Cheese Anticipating Chosun "English code-switching in Korean Pop (K-pop) for instance is used as a discourse strategy. Attention getting, expressions of sexual desire and resistance to mainstream values are more likely to be reasons for code-switching than say, rhyming scheme. " (Lee, 2004) "In more elaborate uses of English, especially when it appears alongside Korean, there is a marked difference in content between the two languages, perhaps relating to censorship." Language, Culture, and Pedagogy: An Overview of English in South Korea Brendan Flattery Website citations Not MA Standard! Globalization of African American Vernacular English in popular culture Blinglish in Korean Hip Hop(2011) Linguistic hybridization in K-Pop: discourse of self-assertion and resistance(2006) Linguistic constructions of modernity: English mixing in Korean television commercials(2006) Crossing and crossers in East Asian pop music: Korea and Japan (2006) From these I will gather more sources to examine Does music exhibit a different style? Looking at the lyrics (and translations) How is something said in English? This Does not match this Noraebang as a classroom Videos, music, internet sites Koreans know lyrics better than anyone *not researched Codeswitching English songs as a bridge to English songs? *CLA discrimination to
social transformation Use of music demonstrating
grammar examples (Gender, Language,
Socialization) Grammatical? Standard Variety? How does this fit in? MAIN AREA See examples later Social identities, relationship, and epistemic and affective stance Hallyu, Gangnam craze Subcultures Song Analysis Visual Dreams SNSD A more interesting example
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