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Persia and Alexander The Great

No description

Corey Atkins

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Persia and Alexander The Great

Persia and Alexander The Great
By: Corey Atkins
Persia was one of the largest and most powerful states in the world. They were origin of the religion Zoroastrianism. The Persian empire always focused on conquering other places to expanded their reign. Cyrus II unified several civilizations to form his Empire, the Achaemenind dynasty. Persia wanted to conquer Greece but they never did and after 30 years of fighting they signed a peace treaty.
Alexander The Great
Alexander was a great warrior and very educated. He got the reigns of the dynasty when he was very young. He defeated the Acheamenid dynasty and expanded all the way to India. It took him about 10 years to conquer this land, he wanted to continue but he soldiers wanted to go home. During his conquest, he set up cities and tried and merge the cultures of his conquered people. He died before he could return home at 33.
Persian Culture
The Persians had a very artistic culture with paintings and the craftsmen used luxurious materials. They were open to adopting new characteristics of culture of their conquered people and the end result was a culture made up of many other cultures. They legacy of the Persian culture is the creation of Zoroastrianism. This religion was one of the first monotheistic religion which was a new idea is this time period. Zoroastrianism focused on good and evil, this idea eventually led up to the idea Heaven and Hell.
Hellenistic Culture
Hellenistic Culture was the spread of Greek Culture. The Greek language helped unify the Hellenistic world and gyms helped spread the Hellenistic culture. It also spread through art and literature. Greek philosophy was also prominent in this time. Hellenism was a concept that Alexander left behind and was one of his biggest legacies.
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