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Igbo Medicine

No description

Mark Dela Cruz

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Igbo Medicine

Igbo Medicine

Dibia (healer)
A Dibia is someone who cures or treats illnesses or injuries.
Dibia are widely consulted for "ritual cures".
"An Igbo healer is meant to be knowledgeable in the history of his or her community and neighbors, as well as have deep ancient and modern history of the Igbi in general.
To become a Healer you have to first be possessed with the spirit "Iru Agwu". The "Agwu" (behavior/character or "chi") is in direct correlation with the spirit "Ogwu" (medicine). A healer has to constantly be in good health, and if he's not, his "Agwu" is off balance. Culturally, if your "Agwu Ogwu" is out of balance, you are not suitable to continue being a healer.
Types of Dibia

Herbalist are healers that use medical plants to create medicine. Their ingredients could include fruits, flowers, seeds, leaves, bark, or roots. They have also been known to use creatures such as snakes, snails, lizards and tortoises. A herbalist's medicine can appear in a powder, liquid, soup, or soap form.
Agwu is the deity culturally associated with medicine and divination skills.
Agwi is derived from "awga" meaning "manner or behavior".
It's symbol is a human doll-like human being made of wood or covered with clay. It is also known as "Agwu Nsi".
Agwu is used as a concept to explain and understand good and evil, health and sickness, wealth and poverty, and fortune and misfortune.
Sick in the Igbo tribe
Oracles and traditional;

Oracles and traditional healers (called surgeons) use witchcraft. voodoo. and juju to heal illnesses.
If someone is sick at home, healers are widely consulted for ritual cures. You would first have their family member out the herbs and then when it didn't work, you would then be taken to the medicine man which have next to nothing of working in which they would be dead. Consulting the oracle and other god beings is very common in trying to find the source of illness. The family of the ill feels it's their obligation to find the source of where it came from.
Compare and Contrast
A healer is more spiritual.
Easier to accomplish the title of a Dibia.
Based on spiritual and traditional beliefs.
Highly respected.
Both deal with the healing of medical problems.
Becoming a doctor is strictly based on science and facts.
Many different types doctors with different specialties.
Is there any significant aspect of a Dibia ?
A significant aspect of a dibia is the ability to fashion and use healing symbols – applied to sites and domains linked to illnesses, social, economic and political challenges. Illnesses emerge time and again due to diverse issues arising from environmental, food, kinship and bodily conflicts.
What's the purpose of mask?
The masks, of wood and or fabric, are used in a many rituals or celebrations. Namely: social satires, sacred rituals (for ancestors and invocation of the gods)
Requires an extensive education to become a certified physician.
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Medicine in our culture
Now a days we know that spiritual rituals and cursed herds don't work well. We use antibiotics and surgery to cure medical problems. There is no lack in modern medicine. All medicine is based off scientific facts.
By: Mark Christian Dela Cruz & Kristian Ikeda
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