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Culture of Risk

Review of Pramod Nayar's Chapter 3 in his book Packaging Life.

Joddy Murray

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Culture of Risk

Risk Culture & Mediation "Risk is the culture of everyday life now." "There is a hazard waiting to happen
to our economy, our nation, and our bodies." (95) "Disaster lurks in the air, in water,
in the land and in our bones." p. 95 "Everyday life, it would appear, is increasingly a battle against assorted enemies." This is the culture of risk and we need to be 'bubble-wrapped'against an assortment of imminent threats and risks. 'Risk' comes packaged to us everyday, in multiple forms." 1: Risk Society 96-98
2: Imagination & Becoming-real 98-101
3: Information & Risk 101-103
4: Language of Risk 103-105
5: Dymythifying Risk 105-109
6: Embodying Risk 109-111
7: Emotional Imaging & Moral Panics 111-117
8: Culture of the Expert 117-121
9: Risk & Blame 121-125
10: Risk Aversion 125-130
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