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Business Development

No description

melanie owens

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Business Development

When Did CCU Start Business Development?
Business Services launched with Greg and Ted, offering a full line of business deposit and loan products.

Many were involved in the project team, including Jen Harvey and Stephanie Rodgers.
First Business Loans Originated!

Judy Peters, Jonathan Hodge and Megan Wilson joined the team
BPG Development was going gangbusters!
Late 2007
Business Services
Jonathan and Megan were pounding the pavement
growing our Business Partner Groups!
By the end of 2007 we originated 14.7 million
in business loans and signed up 302 BPG's!
Rapid Growth Can Be A Slippery Slope!
By 2012 We Had 1,488 BPG's Signed Up!
We were making great progress!
There wasn't a strategy in place to focus on regular and consistent follow-up with our members and BPGs
What we are doing now?
Who's Involved?
It's easy right???
Act! Software
Build profitable relationships by maximizing the effectiveness of member interactions.
To fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads that bring in consistent revenue.
Consistent follow up with Members/Community contacts on a regular basis
To have an accurate history of interactions with our members as well as COI's in the community
Monitor Realtor relationships/referrals to grow mortgage business
Business Services
What have we changed to improve this process?

Starting to SLOWLY

plant the seeds
Nurturing the relationships through the fragile times
in the beginning
Maintaining the relationships so that they stay alive
Just like a garden all relationships have different maturing times.
Some take months,
others take years.....
Slowly growing our relationships!
Keeping our roots intact for future growth
We were on our way!
We didn’t have the right people in the BDO role so we struggled.

Though were we signed up a huge number of BPG's, without proper resources to follow-up we lost most of our contacts within these companies.
Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.
Sleazy Sales
The Credit Union Team volunteers with many local organizations including:
• American Legion
• Career Development Council
• Chemung Chamber
• Corning Chamber
• Painted Post Board of Trade
• Corning Children’s Center
• Elmira Corning Board of Realtors
• Gaffer District Business Association
• Corning Rotary
• Chemung County Agricultural Society
• Cub Scout Pack 129
• Elmira College Booster Club
• NonnieHood PRC
• Spirit of Schuyler
• Three Rivers Development
• CareFirst
• Steuben ARC Foundation
• SESC Habitat for Humanity
• Elmira Jackals Youth Hockey
• Glenwood Club
• Keuka Healthcare Foundation
• IRA Davenport Hospital
• Chambersburg Chamber
• Spencer Crest Nature Center
• Tangle wood Nature Center
• Family Services Society
• Arnot Medical Foundation
• Arts Council of the Southern Tier
• Greencastle Chamber
• Chemung County SPCA
• CUANY Governmental Affairs
• Southern Tier Penn State Alumni Chapter
• Big Blats Lions Club
• Corning Elks Club
• North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce
• Alfred State College
• Corning Community College
• Painted Post Little League
• Arc of Steuben Foundation

Patience is key
Cindy Mathis-Steuben County
Greg Lorenz-Chemung County
Bill Scott-NC Market
Neil Folnsbee
Tina Carson
Allison Elick
Danielle Hill
Alyssa May
Ginger Pierce
Rachael Spencer
Tom Webb
Marcus Wilson
Evan Lloyd
Judy Peters
Blaine Minor-NC
Todd Strong
Melanie Owens

However it is Sales
Wilmington Market
Ron Proper
Bill Scott
Reagan Mosher
Michelle Wall
April Isley
Business Development
PA Market
Jennifer Keilholtz
Bottom line:
Business Development takes time!

Keep focus on quality service and
building meaningful relationships
Our Success!
North Carolina
Business Services
2008 Mad City Money-2 times


Word of mouth
Realtor commitment
Cindy Mathis-Keller Williams Relationship
Added Greg Lorenz as Outside Mortgage Originator in Chemung County
Hugely successful home buyers seminar
But if we're patient
CCU will reap the rewards!
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

We have learned to be more strategic in networking
Meeting regularly as a group
Becoming a cohesive unit
And most importantly....
Over 228 Million in loans originated since 2006
2,350 business accounts opened
Grew from a team of 2 people to 12 people
1,687 BPG's added
However by this point Megan had changed roles and Jonathan had left the Credit Union
Relationships with roughly 29 dealers
2802 Total applications received
843 Indirect loans booked
Over 15 Million
Relationships with 63 dealers
6576 Total applications received
2205 Indirect loans booked
Over 42.6 Million
1994 Opened first branch in Racine NC
2010 Opened branch in Leland NC
Added Ron Proper as Market Development Manager
2011 Opened branch South Wilmington NC
2013 Bill Scott Hired as Outside Mortgage Originator
2014 Built our brand new office in Leland NC with Video Teller Technology
2013 Mad City Money -17 times
1/1/2012: American Community CU merges with CCU

7/1/2014: Grove Community CU will merge with CCU Overwhelming 213-9 in favor!

Late 2014: Opening of NEW Chambersburg branch, replacing the legacy American Community branch with a bigger, newer, more technologically advanced branch!

We are building our base and getting our house in order to ensure successful business Development when the time is right.
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