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The Tempest and Doctor Faustus

No description

Tara Olivero

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of The Tempest and Doctor Faustus

The Role of Magic in William Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST
and Christopher Marlowe's
DOCTOR FAUSTUS The Tempest - William Shakespeare - published in 1623

Doctor Faustus - Christopher Marlowe - published in 1604

Focus: Magic (motivations, achievements, effects, significance) THE PLAYS Prospero:
Stemmed from his studies
End goal: reinstated as Duke of Milan
Regain power

Also power
Control Motivations Faustus:
Dark magic and necromancy
Summons Mephistophiles and signs soul away to Lucifer

White magic
Commands spirits
Takes power from the elements/nature Types of Magic Faustus:
Control Mephistophiles
Gain wealth and popularity
Satisfy lust
Play tricks on others

Takes away free will
Enslaves Caliban and Ariel What each uses
magic to do: Faustus finally realizes he was a puppet all along

Prospero remains in control

"I'll burn my books" (Marlowe, line 1508)
"Drown my book" (Shakespeare, 5.1.57) CONTROL CONCLUSIONS/
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