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This prezi is for the THAS ICT Student voice presentation

C Moss

on 29 May 2012

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Transcript of ITC SV

The ITC Student Voice
Thank you for your attention!
Thank you for watching
So the conclusion of the ITC Student Voice
To be involved in the development of the NEW ITC curriculum.

To communicate our views clearly at all levels.

To continue to have an active role in lesson delivery.

To develop our leadership capacity.
Our Achievements To Date
Our Aims
The ITC Student Voice

Callum Calton
Ryan Dickie
Abbie Walker
Sharni Chlebec
By working together with our teacher's we can significantly contribute to the way that we learn.
We have now started to take more of an active role within our classrooms.

Regular attendance at ITC meetings and working closely with our teachers is important to us.

Our opinions and views will be heard on the new ITC pod cast that we are developing this half term.

We have had the chance to suggest new software that can be used in our lessons.

Our opinions are important and the teachers take on board what we say. We recently helped put together the ITC newsletter (out April 2012).
We are using more and more technology to enchance our learning e.g. Use of iPad's and Big Trak Robot.
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