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The Eight

No description

Eve Whitaker

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of The Eight

The biggest change in marketing is the availability of choice The way people buy has changed.

Today Google and Word of Mouth are the most important channels within a customer journey

On and Offline have merged Therefore successful companies; Engage with customers

Answer their problems

Offer value and an experience Traditional marketing SHOUTED messages Is the best way to communicate
to irritate and annoy? We are all less tolerant, we throw away junk mail, don’t take cold calls and fast forward the ads People want to buy NOT be sold to!

New marketing answers the issues and the customer initiates the journey

Your services come secondary We will work with you to understand
why people buy from you. Above all we will share our knowledge to make you better at what you do

Giving you practical tools to keep your customers forever An introduction to Inbound Marketing to engage your audience and keep them in your funnel for ever. The Eight Video
It’s our people who define us.

We are a team of experts who are
fiercely committed to our clients to drive results and ROI. Eve Whitaker Managing Director Eve’s career spans 20 years working internationally within agencies and clients to maximize profit.

Consulting on business development, creative campaigns and marketing for the likes of Nike, Virgin, Prada, The New York Times, The Guardian, M&S and Harper Collins. 1. B2b inbound marketing agency

2. Channel Neutral

3. We truly live our values for your benefit

4. Strength in depth – strategists, writers, art directors, designers, account managers

5. Strong project management and partnering.

6. Specialist digital marketing sister company within the group.

7. Expert not an order taker.

8. Strategic thoughts, creative actions and always effective delivery Us in 8 b2b inbound marketing A note from our clients... Would you like to stop your funnel leaking? Increase Sales? Get ahead of your competition? And support your marketing and sales teams We will create strategy and tactics to maximze profits We are a b2b inbound marketing agency focused on outcomes
Making you the best you can be with Profitable Marketing This is how we do it... An introduction to Inbound Marketing to engage your audience and keep them in your funnel for ever. Are you ready to be brilliant? Speak to us today 0191 406 1200 eve.whitaker@the-eight.co.uk
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