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Cold War: Nicaragua

No description

Hannah Weeks

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Cold War: Nicaragua

Cold War: Nicaragua What caused the conflict?
The primary causes of the revolution in
Nicaragua were increasing poverty and
inequality of income distribution .

Why was there a conflict?
The government in Nicaragua was growing more controlling, as the junta’s jurisdiction expanded. This is an argument that still goes on today,and in the case of Nicaragua led to a political and social rift between the contra-sympathizers and the Sandinista-sympathizers.
This rift led to protests, demonstrations, and an increase in guerilla-warfare. The Sandinistas saw this, and in an attempt to resolve the situation, created the ‘National Assembly’, in 1985. Who did it involve? Where was the conflict? Central America When did it occur? North America, and Nicaragua and Soviet Union. 1981-1988 What was the outcome of the conflict? WHAT WAS THE COLD WAR? The Cold War was a tense nuclear war that began with the bombing of Japan. It was the first war to come right after WW2. It began as a crusade against Communism, in a time now known as the McKarthy Era in the late 1950’s. Up to 1960, peaceful co-existence between the East and the West seemed to have been accepted by both the United States and the Soviet Union. Where is Nicaragua? Located in Central America, Nicaragua is located in between Costa Rica and the Honduras. It’s bordered on either side by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. The Honduras lie to the North and Costa Rica to the South. It also lies to the south of El Salvador. It lies 13 degrees North and 85 degrees west. The capital is Managua. How did the conflict affect the country? Economic boycott of Nicaragua damaged the Nicaraguan economy and encouraged the political opposition to the Sandinistas. An opposition political party led by the sister of the ruling Sandinista dictator, won an election, which brought an end to Sandinista rule. The U.S. stopped support of the Contras and ended the economic boycott. How did the conflict reflect the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union? The U.S. wanted to influence Nicaragua. They decided to fund a group known as the Contras. They then imposed upon Nicaragua a trade embargo, or discontinuing of all trade, until five years had passed. They were hurting Nicaragua economically.The Soviet Union also saw Nicaragua as a good chance for it to demonstrate it’s influence of communism. They wanted communism to spread to Nicaragua. With American encouragement, Nicaragua started a revolution. Nicaragua got it’s independence and made a treaty with the U.S. to allow the U.S. exclusive rights to travel across it’s country of Nicaragua. How did the outcome of the conflict affect the Cold War? The outcome of the Contra War affected how the Cold War ended because America was helping Nicaragua in their own war. The Nicaraguan people were trying to lessen the power of the Sandinista Regime. The war lasted 10 years and cost a lot of money and the decline of the Nicaraguan economy. While the U.S. was working to help Nicaragua to get their independence, the Soviet Union wanted to be able to influence Nicaragua towards Communism. America wasn’t allowed to give materials to certain countries especially Nicaragua according to the Boland Amendment. President Reagan tried to work around the amendment by giving materials to Iran. They hoped that this would better help their relations with Iran and then Lebanon. Unfortunately, this was in violation of the amendment. The President had also secretly been giving aid to Nicaragua and his reason was that he wanted to help get rid of the threat of Communism from the Soviet Union. Basically, since they both wanted to influence Nicaragua, they were constantly in conflict with each other because that just gave them another reason to fight. It intensified the war. V. By Hannah Weeks, Cierra Churchwell, Hannah Nichols, Hunter Gilbertson, and Patton Ott Computers 7th hour What are the Current affairs of Nicaragua? There are several cuurent events going on in Nicaragua. This first major event that is
currently going on in Nicaargua is their President, Ortega is up for his thrid term
reelection. The seond event that is currently going on is they are trying to repare the backroads
due to injure and fatal accidents. The final thing is that there is a proposed Coastal Law, that will prohibit the building of any form near the beach.
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