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Book Report

Palace of Mirrors

Emily Troester

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Book Report

Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix Protagonists: Cecilia: A poor girl who grew up learning that she was really the true princess in hiding. She is from Suala and id Harper's best friend. Harper: Cecilia's best friend, who wants to become a soldier, but has been taught to play the harp instead by his mother. He is from Suala. Desmia: She is the princess that Cecilia thinks is just pretending for her,while she is in hiding. Admired by the all of the towns people. She is from Suala. Ella: A Fridesian girl trying to make peace with Suala and Fridesia, with the help of her fiance. Antagonists Lord Throckmorton: Desmia's trusted assistant. He killed the king and queen, and wants to get rid of Harper. Setting
The setting changes when
Cecilia and Harper go to
the capital of Suala, Cortona,
where the palace is. The time period is in medieval times, set in a village in the country of Suala, where Cecilia lives. Secretly a Ever since Cecilia was little she was taught everything she needed to know about the palace and history by Sir Stephen.

Her grannie and Sir Stephen told her that she was secretly the princess, and that Desmia, the princess everyone knows, is really just taking her place to keep Cecilia safe. report by Emily Troester Running Away Cecilia goes to Harpers house late at night to tell him her secret, and ask him to come with her. The two of them run away from the village with nothing but a basket of food and a harp. One night Cecilia's nannie fears that someone has learned about her true identity, so she must go to find Sir Stephen. Arriving at the Palace After days of walking, Cecilia and Harper finally get to Sir Stephen's house, but instead of going there, they decide to go to the palace. In order to find Desmia and have Cecilia become the rightful princess, they must enter the music competition with Harper's harp.
After their performance at the competition, Cecilia confronts Desmia and tells her who she really is. Getting Locked Up After confronting Desmia at the competition, she takes them throughout the castle up to a very tall tower. When they are at the top, Desmia locks Harper and Cecilia in a room thinking that Cecilia is lying. Meeting Ella After a week of being locked up in the tower Harper and Cecilia hear footsteps coming up the tower stairs. Desmia and Ella come to release them. Ella is working on a peace treaty between her country, Fridesia, and Suala. Cecilia tries to explain how she is the real princess, but they just bring her and Harper down to the dungeon. Making a Plan In the dungeon there are 11 other girls who claim to be the true princess. Desmia and Ella explain that Lord Throckmorton is trying to get 12 girls to accuse Desmia of being a fake, so that he can be the king. So Cecilia, Harper, Desmia, and Harper make up a plan to get rid of him. Meeting Cecilia is told to go into the secret hallway and listen to lord Throckmorton's plan, to try to stop them. She hears that he is trying to get rid of Sir Stephen and Harper. After hearing that she gets lost in the hallway trying to get back, and finds 11 knights who claim their princesses are the true princesses of Suala. Feeling bad for them, Cecilia sets them free. Knights Defeating Lord Throckmorton Cecilia goes back to Desmia's room to tell her, Ella, and Harper what happened. While they are talking 11 princesses and 11 knights come into her room. Lord Throckmorton and palace guards come in and accuse Desmia and Ella of hiding thieves. While Lord Throckmorton tries to hurt Deesmia, Cecilia hits him in the head with the harp, defeating him. Then suddenly a piece of paper flies out of the harp. The True Princess Revealed The paper is the Queen's last words from 14 years before. It says that none of the girls, even Desmia, are the real princess. Everyone thinks that they should be the princess now instead of Desmia, but Cecilia suggests that they should all be rulers of Suala. So everyone agrees and they all have their own specialties in the palace. The conflict of the story is Cecilia thinking that she is the true princess instead of Desmia, but she was really lied to.

The other conflict was Lord Throckmorton wanting to get rid of Desmia and take over the kingdom. Conflict Resolution The conflict is solved when Cecilia hits Lord Throckmorton on the head with the harp, and he is not trying to get rid of Desmia any more.
Cecilia finally gets to become the princess with the other girls, when she finds out no one is really the true princess. My Opinion on the Story The most memorable part of the story was when Desmia showed Cecilia the 11 other girls in the dungeon, and she found out that she had been lied to her whole life. The book was interesting, but it went to slowly at the beginning, and to fast at the end. Not many exciting things happened at first, but when exciting events did happen they went by to fast. The book kept me entertained though, and I liked how the plot changed when they all found out that no one was really the true princess. Text Connections I can connect to the book because if I ever hear one side of a story that I think is true, but it turns out that it isn't exactly true I feel like the whole time I had been thinking the wrong thing. Thanks for Watching Any questions?
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