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George Berkeley: Idealism

No description

Jemimah Baidya

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of George Berkeley: Idealism

What is Idealism?
: The practice of forming or pursuing ideas especially unrealistically.

In other words, it is based the idea that our perceptions of objects are in us(Our Mind).
It’s the opposite of Naturalism, Realism and Materialism.

Your mind and spirit is fundamental to reality.

It is impossible for something to exist without it being perceived.
George Berkely's arguments
The Master Argument
Empirical Theory of vision was his Master Argument.
He was one of three of the most famous British



is someone that studies the knowledge that is derived from a sensory experience)

Born in Kilkenny, Ireland March 12th, 1685
His father was English but Berkeley considered himself Irish.

george Bereley: Idealism
Who was George Berkely?
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