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Business Readiness Criteria

No description

Matt Beer

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Business Readiness Criteria

Organisational Alignment & Role Mapping
Training & Performance Support
Business Readiness Criteria
1. Organisational Alignment
& Role-Mapping
3.Training & Performance Support
4. IT Readiness/Site Readiness & Go live support
5. Process Readiness
6. Business Readiness
Business Readiness
Business Readiness
Plan for 1311

IT Readiness/Site Readiness & Go live support
Process Readiness
To establish a clear business readiness plan to ensure that users are fully prepared for the 1311 rollout

Previous Deployments
Were there any issues with deploying 1307 or 1309/10?
How can these be avoided?
Prospective Changes in 1311
Handover Completion
UCA deployment
Identify/Locate Customer
Verify Customer
Insufficient Information to Verify Customer
Bill Payment - Amend Payment
Funds Transfer - Cancel Transfer
Funds Transfer - Make Transfer
Funds Transfer - Maintain Beneficiary
Statements - Change Statement Frequency
ATAG - Switch Customer
New System Updates
1311 (12 December)
Additional Sort Code Field
Users must refer to KIT template
Statement frequencies can now run in parallel
Do you feel the organisation is structured effectively in order to facilitate the changes going ahead?
Have you reviewed the organisational impact document?
Have you reviewed role-mapping and are you happy with it?
Have all communications needs been defined and set into a schedule?
What communications need to go out, to whom, and when?
How much training is required for the launch?
How much has been covered so far?
Are sufficient resources allocated for Go Live?
What support is in place for users in the initial implementation?
Are there robust plans set in place for the lead up to the Go Live?
Is there a contingency plan in place?

Initial Business Readiness Review
IT Readiness
Site Readiness & Go Live Support
Business Readiness, Issues & Risks
IT Readiness
Success Criteria
- Training gathering(have they got resources)
- Training deployment
- Training review
Success Criteria
- Users aware of deployment scope
- Users aware of training relevance
- Support team aware of needs
- All aware of key milestones
- All aware of contingency plans
Success Criteria
- Contingency plans drafted
- Clear schedules drawn up

Success Criteria
- Hardware in place, resources in place for the transfer
- Temporary support staff allocated for transfer period
- Feedback response mechanism
- Support delivery mechanisms
Success Criteria
- System capability assessed
- Connectivity established
- All users able to find CGS
Success Criteria
- Hardware capacity established
- Potential volume issues addressed

Wk 1
Wk 2
Wk 3
Wk 4
Trials and confidence tests with added support on the ground
Structural implementation review looking at timescales
Analysis of training requirements
Full access to all updates
IDT switched off
Users content with CGS
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