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Festivals & Cultural Events: Tomorrowland

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Freyja Talbott-Haworth

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Festivals & Cultural Events: Tomorrowland

People Are At The Heart Of A Festival And Cultural Event
Origins of Tomorrowland
First took place in August 2005 and was organised by ID&T Belgium.

It was Europe's answer to the extremely popular 'Electric Daisy Carnival' in the USA.

Additionally, strikes large resemblance to Mysteryland, a festival from 1993 onwards, also hosted by ID&T in the Netherlands. This festival is also an EDC festival, and also the first of its kind in the country.
Since starting in 2005, numbers have grown a vast amount, from 10,000 in 2005 to more then 140,000 in 2013.

The largest EDM festival in the world

Hosted musical guests such as Armin van Buuren, Axwell, Paul Oakenfold, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, David Guetta, Skrillex… to name a few!

Scale & Advertisement
2005 - 10,000 attendees
2013 - 140,000 attendees

The increase in interest led to the scale of the festival increasing, therefore opening new sites for the event. New hosts for the event include Sãu Paulo in Brasil and Atlanda in the USA.

Additionally, increased demand has led to the festival setting up their own YouTube channel, so people who are unable to attend can still enjoy the music from the comfort of their own home. The YouTube brought in millions of views

Festivals & Cultural Events: Tomorrowland
Has it stayed close to it's roots?
Key Audience
How engaged is the local community?
Social Capital
Butler's Tourism Life Cycle 1980

Doxey Irritation Index
Schechner (2003)
The festivals key audience tends to be fans of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), however the festival attracts the general population who wish to enjoy the bright and colourful atmosphere.

The general age demographic of attendees is 18-30 (you must be at least 18 to attend)

People attend for the music, the experience, and the social aspect of the festival
The local community embrace the visitors to their community during the festival, and enjoy having the tourists. The feedback they give shows they don't mind the noise because they find the guests friendly

Local hotels offer their accommodation for travellers and guests, welcoming the tourists
Festivals play an important role in helping to create and support community identity.

This festival allows Belgium to show off it's multicultural environment, and allows tourists to explore an area of an otherwise underappreciated country.

The community are engaged in the hosting of the event and the event itself brings people together through their shared interest in the music, atmosphere and experience
The festival, although having expanded its scale into other countries and grown in terms of audience numbers has stayed true to its roots. They have used the same theme since beginning, and have stayed on the same site although they have opened other venues aswell.

The purpose of the event is to provide an eccentric, EDM festival, full of colour, community and great music

Tomorrowland festival is still in its developmental stages. It is still growing in size, and spreading to other countries.
My prediction for the event is that it will continue to grow in size and spread to new locations. I think it will steady out into consolidation within the next few years

This event falls between level one or level two on the Doxey Irritation Index. Level one is euphoria and level two is apathy.

As the demand for the event increases the event itself will grow further in size. This may eventually lead to overcrowding, which in turn will bring the event into level three, irritation. This may be due to the local community losing patience with the huge amount of tourists is they are not managed properly

There are a number of stakeholders concerning Tomorrowland festival.

Local hotels get the opportunity to become 'theme hotels' which is a package offered by the festival. Tomorrowland transforms some local hotels using the theme and offers stays as an alternative to camping. This brings in considerable custom for local business.
The general community are stakeholders in the festival as they tend to provide a large amount of business and accomodation to people visiting for the festival.

Additionally, sponsors of the event would be included under stakeholders, as sponsors such as Heineken would be directly impacted by the event.

Also, companies linked with the event such as Brussels Airlines, who join up with Tomorrowland to provide flights to and from the fesitval
The content of the festival has remained the same, electronic dance music, and the festival planners have continued to use the same theme throughout their growth, a psychadelic, carnival atmosphere

Tomorrowland's use of a consistent theme at the festival, ensuring a 'wow factor'. Citrine (1995) believed that events need this factor as a guiding principle for event planners to create lasting impact on visitors.
Festivals like this allow networking, between tourists, the community and artists. It strengthens the community through a sense of 'connectedness' and encourages people to participate in the experience whether they are local or they have travelled some distance. By creating a common bond between these different people a sense of belonging can be established
The interlocking spheres created by Schechner (2003) applies to this event. The event overall covers each sphere in some manner. The aim of the festival is to acheive msot of these.

To heal
To deal with divine or demonic
To teach or persuade
To create beauty
To make / change identity
To foster community
To entertain
I believe people are at the heart of this event as the local community embrace and welcome the visiting tourists, and the festival itself brings in hundreds of thousands of people, all with common interests such as the music and festival atmosphere
About Cultural Events
All about the experience!

Allows people to discover new cultures, countries, people


Collective experience
Culture is Key
Promote regeneration

Develop inclusive and sustainable community

Creates economic benefit

Creates distinction - unique events bring higher income

Culture links to economic strategy
Local population come together with the festival organisers to create 'Dreamville'. It's described as a 'vibrant city' and has features such as a community centre, shopes, fresh bakery etc. This is a unique feature of this festival.
USP, branding Belgium, sense of community

Competition, high ticket demand, crowding

Branding Belgium, create popular event

Rivals, alcohol, drugs
An EDM festival originating in Boom, Belgium
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