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Plot of the Dead Poet Society

No description

allie chapman

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Plot of the Dead Poet Society

Plot of the Dead Poet Society
- It's a boys boarding school.
- They show the similarities of all the teachers, and then they show how different Mr. Keatings is compared to them.
- Todd is quiet and doesn't want to get involved.
Rising Action
- The boys start the Dead Poet Society again, after it hadn't been a group for a while.
- Neil trys out for a play, gets the part, and performs it.
- Knox starts to have a relationship with Chris.
Neil's father takes him right after the play, then they have a yelling match when they're at home. That leads to Neil going crazy and then killing himself.
His father finds him dead, and then it shows how Neil's friends react to his death.
Falling Action
- Charlie (Newanda) punched Cameron for telling Mr. Nolan about the DPS.
- Mr. Nolan talks to all the boys in the DPS and makes them sign a waver saying that Neil's death was Mr. Keatings fault.

- When Mr. Keating came to grab his personals, Todd stood up for him by standing on his desk and saying, "Oh Captain, My Captain."
- Other guys, especially the other boys from the DPS, stand up as well and makes Mr. Keating proud.
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