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PPR Competency Experience

Competencies 1-6 (Demonstrated In My Classroom)

Bettina Crews

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of PPR Competency Experience

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Competency #1 Competency #2 Competency #3
The teacher understands human developmental processes and applies this knowledge to plan instruction and ongoing assessment that motivate students and are responsive to their developmental characteristics.

I plan my lessons according to what I know the student
can do and what they struggle with. For example
I observed that one student could wipe their mouth
but only on command. I then created a lesson that
involved a reward system of me showing a sign
of a person wiping their mouth and
for every time I showed the sign
& the student followed the procedure of wiping their mouth, they received an award.
The teacher understands student diversity and knows how to plan learning experiences and design assessments that are responsive to differences among students and that promote all students' learning

Our classroom recently received iPads. I observed that most of my students didn't own computers at home and some of them, hardly any technology at all. For some of my students using the iPad was overwhelming. I started out by showing auto play Dr. Seuss stories and eventually the students wanted to start touching the screen and now they are to the point that they do small lessons on the iPad, such as baby sign language, picture matching, & motor skills games.
(B.,F., G.) The teacher understands procedures for designing effective and coherent instruction and assessment based on appropriate learning goals and objectives

In the classroom we have been looking at practice STAAR tests. When teaching mathematics, I get my two level 1 students, they grab a calculator and I read the instructions carefully to them. I do not help them so I get a good understanding of where they are in terms of being able to pass their STAAR exam.
(B.,C.,F.,H.) Competency #4 The teacher understands learning processes and factors that impact student learning and demonstrates his knowledge by planning effective, engaging instruction and appropriate assessments.

In our classroom, we use the computer for certain subjects on certain days. After using the computer the students are quizzed over what they learned. Students also use the Promethean board for group assignments. Our students have different attention spans so we have different reward systems for these students. We have different wait times and we give students frequent breaks who become easily distressed. In our classroom, we have daily schedules on the wall which goes along with the bell. When the bell rings there are places organized in the room that the students can take from and put their materials away after they are done using them.
Competency #5 The teacher knows how to establish a classroom climate that fosters learning, equity and excellence and uses this knowledge to create a physical and emotional environment that is safe and productive.

Our students who are taking occupational classes usually work together to figure out where they want to work. The students will fill out job applications together, collect newspapers together, and search for jobs online with one another. We have a very spacious classroom with lots of room to do various activities and we keep it clear for individuals in wheelchairs to get around comfortably.
(A.,B.,F.,G.) Competency #6 The teacher understands strategies for creating an organized and productive learning environment and for managing student behavior.

Most of my students look at the schedule of their classes on the wall to know what subject they have and to each subject there are folders organized with what they need to be working on in them. This is a daily procedure that works well with most of my students. The students keep up with their work this way. When our class works on the Promethean board, we usually do the assignment in groups. The students really love working on the board. At times we use the Promethean board as a reward. Fortunately there aren't many behavior problems that involve major consequences in my classroom but one thing that all of my students want to do is go bowling. They love practicing bowling for Special Olympics. If they do something bad then we remind them that we don't have to take them bowling and they usually understand they need to act appropriately.
(A.,B.,C.,D.,E.,F.,G.,H.,I.,J.) 6 Competencies Used In My Classroom Bettina Crews
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