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YPC Outreach (Fall)

No description

on 21 June 2018

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Transcript of YPC Outreach (Fall)

Set aside dedicated time and prepare a good talking environment without interruptions
Consider dressing up as well for phone interview
Smile when talking on the phone
Consider your "background" in Skype interview
Practice and Prepare:
Mock interviews **SWATA 2017
Research potential employer
Rehearse answers
Always have questions ready to ask to show interest
What does your social media look like?
Be on time (early!)

Keep Your Sight On Success
Purpose of the Young Professionals Committee
What's next?
Applying for Jobs
Excellence is Required
Understanding Our Association
You're offered the job....
How Do You Get Involved Now?
Address issues facing athletic trainers in the first 12 years after initial certification/licensure.
What does professionalism look like?
Emotional IQ
Communication Etiquette
Your actions ALWAYS matter - can't turn off and turn on
Look the part of a professional, every day

Strategic Alliance
Structure within NATA
Volunteer driven
Student-senate projects
Any district/state/region events for students
Consider spearheading grassroots efforts (i.e. postcard campaign at your school)
Lead fundraiser for NATA Foundation
Volunteer your time (i.e. Susan G. Komen)
Get your NPI Number

Thank you!
Increase retention, volunteer involvement, and annual meeting attendance among YP's
Provide programs, activities, and educational opportunities to address YP's needs.
Promote professional socialization of YP's
Graduate Assistant
Residency or Fellowship
Full-Time Employment
"If you haven't failed at something then you haven't done anything."
Many full-time practice settings:
What are your goals?
Are they realistic?
Does your next step align with your goals?
Job Hunting
Resources to help you find your options:
NATA Career Center
AATA Website and E-blasts
TSATA Website
AT Network
Cover letter - add your character!
Resume - be concise, 1-2 pages
References (3-5)
Double, triple check for mistakes
Save and submit all documents as PDFs

Set Yourself Up for Success
Nail the Job
Examples and Details
Speak calmly, clearly and avoid filler words
Stay positive
Professional dress:
Leave khakis at home
No cleavage, midriff or extra leg
(even when leaning/bending over)
Ironed and tucked in
Polished shoes, no white socks
Hair out of face
Keep hand gestures within your body perimeter
Bottom line: Avoid distractions and let yourself shine

Salary Negotiation:
Clarify responsibilities and expectations
Length of contract
Get it in writing
Paid time off (PTO)?

LinkedIn (International)
Other Financial Considerations
Benefits: Health, vision and dental insurance
Clothing stipend?
Cell phone stipend?
Tickets to events?
Tuition waiver?
Loan forgiveness plan?
Professional Development and CEU's?
Why Attend Conventions?
• Great opportunity for quality learning
• Excellent professional networking
•Best opportunity for face-to-face meeting of new ATs from all over
visiting with people you know but might not get to see often
• Chance to leave a lasting impression:
• Professionalism at ALL times
• Make sure to follow up with special new contacts

Your career can’t grow without it…
Walk across the field/court to introduce yourself to ATs and peers
Find mentors and keep them
Tag along with your mentor to meet people they know (anywhere, especially at Conventions)

Conflict Management
Don't avoid it! Learn how to deal with conflict
Mismanaged conflict harms relationships
Conflict is actually an opportunity for growth
Keep your personal and professional relationships strong
Build your reputation and earn your desired result
Don't let your own failures stop you from moving forward
Please take 1-2 minutes to complete our survey on your mobile device and provide your feedback on this presentation:
Representing District VI SWATA YPC
Committee Members
Lyndsey Rich - Committee Chair
Annie Nalepa - TX Chair
Carrie Saulters
Kimber Rogers
Andrea Legg
Cole Peterson
Cole Barker
Amanda Andrews
Christina Fry
Rolando Salas
Jacob Walton-Conner
Lesley Vandermark
Nicholas E. Grahovec
Alisha Grisby
Michelle Holt-D6 liason
Get Your NPI Number Today!
“NATA views having an NPI number like having a state license; it's a professional requirement and adds credibility to both the individual and the profession.”
Required to be involved in NATA or SWATA on a committee
Applying is quick, easy and
Go to NATA.ORG and under the “Practice and Patient Care” tab, click NPI and follow instructions under “How to Apply”
NPI number stays with you forever; once licensed, just need to update your information
Where Does the Money Go?

Full time staff (over 40!)
resources for members
Approximately 11.8% of all membership dues are allocated for lobbying
New NATA.ORG member website!
Just launched new website for public: “AT Your Own Risk” (.org)
Dues: Include national, district (VI) and state associations. Certified members include BOC dues ($34).
Student - $80
Certified student - $114
Professional - $240
Certified Professional - $274

Giving Back to the Profession
Additional SWATA District membership benefits:
Stay connected!
Collaborate ideas with fellow professionals
Find a mentor/ be a mentor
Become a leader within the profession
Phone & Skype Interviews:
Promote your Profession
March is National Athletic Training Month!
Don't wait until March, ATs are great all year round!
New slogan each year
Info on press releases and PSAs
Contests, promotions, and events!
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