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Renewable Energy

No description

Elly kim

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Guess and check True or False
1. "solar" is the Latin word for "moon" ( T / F )
2. We can use solar power in two different ways:
as a heat source and as an energy source ( T / F )
3. Renewable energy is also known as green or
clean energy. ( T / F )
Idea 4
What is Renewable Energy?
Target student: Intermediate / 10-12 years old

Elly / Eileen
Speaking Activity
Activity 1
Let's make an Air Powered Balloon Car. (pair work)
Before you listen
Landmark elementary school(LES) students collect and create something.
Listen and find out the answers. You work with your partner.
pop can
solar heater
will, won't
1. pop cans
2. two pop can solar heaters
Listen carefully.

Question 1. What did the Landmark Elementary school
students begin collecting?
Question 2. What are LES students going to build
for their school's green house? and how many?
New vocabularies
Activity 2
Air Powered Balloon Car Race (group work)
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