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The Great Carbuncle by: Nathaniel Hawthorne

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JoNAH Hogle

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The Great Carbuncle by: Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Great Carbuncle by: Nathaniel Hawthorne
The theme of the Great Carbuncle is that Earthly possessions are not necessary for success and that people should be satisfied with what they have instead of wanting things that aren’t essential in life.

-The seeker: He is a tall scruffy looking man around the age of 60. He wants to find the Great Carbuncle and die right beside it. He ends up dying trying to get it.
-Doctor Cacophodel: He is a scientist and he wants to do tests on the gem and to replicate it.
-Master Ichabod Pigsnort: He is merchant and he wants to sell the Great Carbuncle to the person who is willing to pay the most.
-Person vs Person: Each of the adventurers go against each other to get the Carbuncle for themselves.
-Person vs self: Hanna does not want to continue because she thinks she is lost and wants to go home but has to keep going to find the Carbuncle.
In a white mountain, eight adventurers come and gather together. Each and every one of them is on a quest to find the Great Carbuncle, which is a legendary gem. The adventurers are: The seeker, Doctor Cacophodel, Master Ichbod Pigsnort, The Cynic, The poet, Lord de Vere, Mathew and Hannah (who are newlyweds). Mathew and Hannah end up finding the Great Carbuncle but decide not to take it home as they think that it is way too brilliant for their household.
Nathaniel Hawthore
-An author in the 1800s
-Born July 4, 1804 Salem, Massachusetts
-Died May 19,1864 (59 years old)
-Went to Bowdoin College
Characters (continuted)
-The Cynic: He is a bitter man who wants to find the Great Carbuncle to prove to everyone that it is just a myth. He is blinded by how bright the gem is at the end of the story.
-Lord de Vere: a young prince, who wants to find the Carbuncle to bring pride to his families name.
-Matthew and Hannah:Are a couple who wishes to use the gem as a light in these it as a light in their house. But they leave the gem cause it was too bright for their home.
- In a white mountain.
- It takes place in the olden time (Story says that in the first sentence.)
- On the rugged side of the Crystal Hills.
- The gathering at the start of the story took place at nightfall
- The Great Carbuncle was found the next morning because it says that the couple (Mathew and Hannah) were the last ones to wake up because everyone left without them in the morning. The couple ended up finding the Carbuncle that morning.
The inciting incident is at the start of the story when all of the eight adventurers have a gathering at nightfall on the side of the Crystal Hills.

Point of View
The story is told from the view of the third person narrative mode. We know this because in the story, the narrator never says “you”, “I”, or, “we”. Example in the story: When other pilgrims reached the cliff, they found only an opaque stone (…).

Point of View
Inciting Incident
The Climax
The climax of this story is when Matthew and Hanna go searching for the great Carbuncle and they see that the seeker has died trying to get it.
Falling Action
The Falling action is when Matthew and Hanna decide that they do not want to go for the Carbuncle anymore because it would be too bright in their house for their liking.
Rising Action
The rising action of the story is when all of the adventurers wake up except the couple, (Mathew and Hannah), to go get the Carbuncle. They are all so eager to get this mighty treasure so they couldn’t care less to wake Mathew and Hannah up. They then go to the mountain but Hannah realizes that they are lost. Then at a glance, they realize that under the Great Carbuncle, there is a figure of a man whose face was turned upwards. It was the Seeker. Then the Cynic comes and finds out that Mathew and Hannah fund it first so he challenges Mathew to let him see it.

To conclude the story, Hannah and Mathew decide not to take the Great Carbuncle because it is a gem that is way too brilliant and spectacular to have in their household. So they leave it there where it lies. Matthew and his bride spent many peaceful years, and were fond of telling the legend of the Great Carbuncle.

The rising Action
Thank you for watching
Literary Devices
-Characterization: "The eldest of the group, a tall, lean, weather-beaten man, some sixty years of age, was clad in the skins of wild animals, whose fashion of dress he did well to imitate, since the deer, the wolf, and the bear, had long been his most intimate companions."
-Imagery:"At nightfall, once in the olden time, on the rugged side of one of the Crystal Hills, a party of adventurers were refreshing themselves, after a toilsome and fruitless quest for the Great Carbuncle."
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