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Roman Petushkov

No description

Kate_ *

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Roman Petushkov

The First Gold of Russia at the Paralympics
Roman Petushkov
Roman Petushkov (born February 18, 1978) is a Russian cross-country skier, biathlete and Paralympian. He competed in classification category sitting events.
In 2014 he competed at the Paralympic Games where he won six gold medals.
Petushkov started Sit Skiing in September 2006 after he lost both his legs in a car accident. He made his Paralympic Games debut at Vancouver 2010 where he won one bronze in the 12.5km Biathlon Sitting and one silver in the 15km Cross Country Sitting.
At the last World Championships 2013 he won four gold, one silver and one bronze medals.
Roman likes travelling. His favourite country for visiting is Thailand. He has a lot of friends there. Roman says that Thailand is a country of smiles, where everyone smiles and rest.
Roman and his friends met Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, at the Paralympics - 2014
Roman is proud of having the opportunity to sit next to the President during the closing ceremony of the Paralympics in Sochi.

Created by
Revyakina Kate
9th Form
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