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The Art, Business and Science Bridge...or STEAM with GeoGebra

Medici, Leonardo and Brunelleschi. Maths or Art? Academic and industry-strength framework, process and tools

tony houghton

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of The Art, Business and Science Bridge...or STEAM with GeoGebra

The Art, Business and Science Bridge...two very successful
historical examples! Geogebra is not just an excellent mathematics software tool. It is a community tool: Material, blog, community, events, institutes - it's a GLO! (Global Learning Opportunity). PS Just wait for the 3D version! Hothousing Process Quiz:-)
Is this maths or art?
What do they have in common? So we CAN build the Art, Business and Science Bridge!
BTW What bridge is this > ? Got it? We need academic and industry-strength framework, process and tools to bring art, business and science together: to communicate and collaborate ...and to LEARN Hothousing is an intensive customer , business and technology requirements capture and design process used by major companies such as BT, Pepsico, DHL, CISCO. Participants work in teams...teams compete...to address a challenge...work hard...under time pressure...to develop solutions...(and believe it or not have FUN:-) STEM Framework GeoGebra
Community Tool Answer? GeoGebra Mathematical Software & the wonderful work of Daniel Mentrard The Art, Business and Science Bridge - or STEAM with GeoGebra Dr Tony Houghton 07802 765575 tony.houghton@ccite.org Educational Development Director CCITE
(Cambridge Centre for Innovation in Technological Education) www.CCITE.org Answer: Medici, who provided business backing to Leonardo, who worked in both art and science!

Here's another art, business and science team! Who are these people and what have they done? Another art, business and science bridge with a different Medici financing Brunelleschi's art and science! Leonardo's bridge - finally built in Norway 2001!
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