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National Board Certification

No description

Tiffany White

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of National Board Certification

What is National Board Certification?
Why Would I get Involved?
Advancing the Teaching Profession
Brought to us by AZ K12 Center, this video features NBCTs as they reflect on the importance of National Board Certification in advancing the teaching profession.
What Does it Look Like?
In 2014-2015 the National Board Certification Process was revised to reflect the changing needs and growth of the teaching profession. There are now four total components that make up the certification process, which are being rolled out over a three year period.

Component 1: Content Knowledge (Available Now*)
In this computer-based assessment, you demonstrate knowledge of and pedagogical practices for teaching your content area. You must demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate content, which is necessary for teaching across the full age range and ability level of your chosen certificate area. This is assessed through the completion of three constructed response exercises and approximately 45 selected response items (SRIs). You will have up to 30 minutes to complete each of the three constructed response exercises and up to 60 minutes to complete the selected response section. (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2014)

Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction (Available Now*)
This classroom-based portfolio entry is primarily comprised of samples of student work and an accompanying written commentary. You will submit selected work samples that demonstrate the students’ growth over time and a written commentary that analyzes your instructional choices. (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2014)

Process Continued
Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment (*Available Now)

This is a classroom-based portfolio entry that requires video recording(s) of interactions between you and your students. A written commentary in which you describe, analyze and reflect on your teaching and interactions will also be submitted. Both the video and the written commentary should demonstrate how you engage students and impact their learning. (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2014)

Component 4: Effective and Reflective Practitioner (2016-2017)

This is a portfolio entry that requires evidence of your impact across your professional responsibilities as an educator including your students, peers, and community. (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2014)

** It is important to note that all 4 components must be completed (first-attempt) within 3 years. Each component can have up to 2 additional attempts, if needed, in order to reach the cut score for achieving National Board Certification.

What Does it Cost?
Each component costs $475 on your first attempt, with an additional $75 annual registration fee.
Is There Any Support Available?
The Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative (WNBCI) provides financial assistance to first-time Wyoming candidates. Support is outlined in the section below. Please note the support does not include the $75 annual registration fee, which is the responsibility of the candidate.

Component: Candidate Portion/ WNBCI Portion
First Component: $475/ $0
Second Component: $355/ $120
Third Component: $120/ $355
Fourth Component: $0/ $475

Candidates must pay their portion of the fees prior to receiving support from the Initiative.

In addition to the financial support, the WNBCI offers workshops throughout the year that are available to active candidates. All workshop opportunities are voluntary and can be accessed at www.wnbci.org.

The Initiative will support candidates in their Advanced Candidacy (attempts 2&3) as well.
How Do I Get Started?
You will need to apply to become a National Board candidate. You can apply at http://www.boardcertifiedteachers.org/get-started/value-for-teachers

Once you have applied and paid your $75, you can sign up for workshops that are being offered by the WNBCI at www.wnbci.org, under the “Workshops” tab.

Complete all of the eligibility forms required by the National Board,
the WNBCI. The deadline for WNBCI Support is December 16, 2016.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tiffany White, tdwhite22@gmail.com with the Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative.

You are Now Ready to be a National Board Candidate!
National Board Certification
Tell Me More!
It is a process developed by teachers for teachers. The process is performance-based and peer-reviewed, emphasizing content knowledge and impact on students.

Educators can receive National Board Certification in 25 certificate areas, ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade.

It is a highly rigorous process focusing on the professional knowledge, skills, and practices of an outstanding educator (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2014).
National Board Certification allows you to participate in and create professional development that applies directly to your own classroom. The process allows you to hone your skills while demonstrating your dedication to not only your students, but to your profession as well (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, 2014).

National Board Certification can open up advancement opportunities in your district, and nationwide as it is recognized as the highest standard of the teaching profession.

In Wyoming, being a National Board Certified Teacher gives you priority consideration in terms of leadership opportunities through the John P. Ellbogen Foundation.
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