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Ann Walter

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of PM

Office of Patient Experience
Best Practices Division

Project Management
•What is a project?

•What are a project's main drivers?

•What tools support successful project management?
A Project is...

•These products may be tangible or intangible.

•The end-product all deliverables, must have the potential, or capability to realize business benefits.
•Projects are temporary in nature and have a
beginning and end date.
•A project has a set of objectives.
•A project has an organization structure.
•A project has resources — used to create the deliverables or products.
Gap Analysis

Budget Analysis
Project Scope
Scope document

Project Plan


Process Flow
Process Map
Process Maps Show:

•The overall workflow
•How elements interact with each other
•Inputs and Outputs
Who is the audience?

What aspects of this process are important for my purposes?
Group Activity
Within your group, create a process mapping that reflects the Press Ganey survey distribution process.
•Isaac and myself

•Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

•Continuous Improvement Toolkit available on the Patient Experience S Drive
Programs: - Microsoft Word "Shapes" section has these items
- Microsoft Visio "Basic Flow Chart Shapes" has these items in a template
We can talk through the steps of a process....
...like a patient visiting for Lab work and Doctor's appt.
• Patient arrives

• Scheduled appointment time

• Patient handed forms to fill out

• Forms completed

• Patient sent for lab work

• Patient asked to wait in lab
• Patient enters lab

• Patient exits lab

• Patient returns to doctor

• Patient sees doctor

• Patient leaves doctor’s office
What is a scope?
Scope Documentation
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Control Scope and Minimize Scope Creep
What is a scope?
Staying On Track? – When the Scope Goes Bad!
Scope Documentation
Documenting the scope is proactive detective work to gather and define detailed requirements.

Budget and Time
Project Team and Subject Matter Experts
Current State: Prior to Project Start
Defines the beginning and end point of a project
Identifies purpose, objectives and deliverables
Describes what needs to be done to attain the final outcome
Tells you when you’re done
Active Project: In-scope
Active Project: Out-of-scope
The Wedding Planners Group Activity:
Plan for a wedding
Decide the goal of your wedding project
Fill out the objectives
Then fill out and organize tasks
Scope is developed as part of the project initiation process.
Control Scope and Minimize Scope Creep
Engage Your Sponsor - Ultimate Decision Maker
Effectively communicate the scope
Get scope formally approved
Why Scope?
Aligning the Project Management Triangle - Cost, Time, and Work
Guaranteeing quality results and desired outcome
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
is the basis for dividing work into definable increments
is a hierarchical decomposition of the project into phases, deliverables and work packages
helps to take a project and ‘break’ it down into manageable parts
Manageable Chunks!
Projects maybe broken down into three levels
What is scope creep?
Introduction of requirements that were not in the approved deliverable
small changes that can accumulate to unaccounted for work effort
Dealing with Change?
Communicate changes and get approval before including them in the scope.
challenges a project's success
causes project team to drift from original purpose
Unvetted and unapproved changes
Vetted and Approved changes
accepted cost and/or time impact by sponsor
clear expectations with updated scope work breakdown structure
Achievable and Attainable Deliverables!
Tools to bring it all together
Step 3: Scope also includes, but is not limited to...
Step 1: What success looks like?
Purpose, Objectives, and Deliverables
Step 2: Who Owns the project?
Sponsor and Stakeholders
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