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Broadcasting Democracy

No description

Kathryn MacCrate

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Broadcasting Democracy

Expanding Cooperative Governance in Low-Power Radio Station
Writing it Down
Group Dynamics
Broadcasting Democracy
Community Engagement
copy and paste as needed to add notes to your brainstorm
Group Dynamics
Writing it Down
Community Engagement
People Power
People Power
Broadcasting Democracy:
Expanding Cooperative Governance in Low-Power Radio Stations

What follows is a comprehensive guide for low power radio stations that wish to adopt democratic governance and management structures. The toolkit is divided into six modules;

1. Identity
2. People Power
3. Governance
4. Writing it Down
5. Group Dynamics
6. Community Engagement.

The toolkit is supplemented with a micro text that includes instructions for exercises and additional resources.

This project is a collaborative effort carried out by The Democracy At Work Network (DAWN) with the assistance of the Prometheus Radio Project.

Funding for this project was provided by a grant from the U.S. Department Of Agriculture, Rural
Cooperative Development program.
Overcoming Unspoken Power
The Prometheus Radio Project is a non-profit organization founded by a small group of radio activists in 1998. Prometheus builds, supports, and advocates for community radio stations which empower participatory community voices and movements for social change. To that end, we demystify technologies, the political process that governs access to our media system, and the effects of media on our lives and our communities.

Our primary focus is on building a large community of LPFM stations and listeners. We hope this community will grow into a powerful force working toward the democratic media future we envision. Toward that end, we support community groups at every stage of the process of building community radio stations, facilitate public participation in the FCC
regulatory process, and sponsor events promoting
awareness and support of media democracy and LPFM radio.
The Democracy at Work Network (DAWN) is a network of certified peer advisors, all with strong social and professional ties, who cooperate in training themselves and providing technical assistance services to worker cooperatives. Our goals are to

meet the demand for technical assistance and development advice with high-quality services, and
increase worker cooperative technical assistance capacity from inside the movement.

Worker cooperatives, like all small businesses, require professional services to support the creation and functioning of their business. Due to the specialized nature of worker ownership, they also require specialized assistance in setting up financial, governance, operations, and decision-making structures, as well as training in democratic management. DAWN is organizing to meet these needs.
Group Dynamics
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