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Modern Day Witch Hunt

No description

Lauren Anthony

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Modern Day Witch Hunt

Modern Day Witch Hunt
Start of Witch Hunts
Salem, MA 1692
52 people accused
Young girls in Salem suddenly started acting bizarre
These sparked the Salem Witch Trials
Overall, 19 people were hanged and 1 was pressed to death
After, these trials were publicly apologized for and denounced as untrue
"The Crucible" written by Arthur Miller recounts the details of the witch trials, including actual people
Defining a Witch Hunt
Webster defines a witch hunt as: the act of unfairly looking for and punishing people who are accused of having opinions that are believed to be dangerous or evil
This means that a witch hunt can refer to many different kinds of persecutions
"The demonization of Muslims sustains a global military agenda. Under American Inquisition, Washington has a self procalimed holy mandate to extirpate Islam and 'spread democracy' throughout the world," says Michel Chossudovsky
Muslims are targeted because the Al Qaeda is a Muslim extremist group
Not all Muslims are extremists though, leading to false accusations
This generalized idea is supported by the media and leads to a lot of racism and xenophobia
9/11 was traumatic for many Americans and this rallying point gives the American government legitimacy in dealing with security, allowing them to do almost whatever they want
America's Witch Hunt
After 9/11, the USA tightened security, specifically against Muslims because the attackers were an extremist group
Muslims are being demonized because they are considered "a threat to national security"
Especially at airports, security has been tightened, leading to long lines in order for everyone to be properly checked
The USA has declared a war on terrorism, not
Muslims, but some think that is the same thing
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Present Day
Today, some Americans still fear the Islam religion, due to fear of a repeat of 9/11
However, not all believe this, and some even realize that Middle Eastern countries experience some of the same terror as the US did
The USA has used 9/11 to declare a war on terror, not the Muslim people and have even teamed up with other countries to stop it
9/11 remains an important symbol for the American people

Lauren Anthony

Salem Witch Trials
Salem, MA
19 dead
Accusation: Witchcraft
Cause: "Sick" girls
United States (origin was Wisconsin)
Accusation: Communism
Cause: Joseph McCarthyism, a WI Senator, trying to eliminate other politicians by ruining their reputation and naming them as communists
9/11 and Muslims
September 11, 2001
New York City, USA
2,976 people died
Accusation: Terrorism
Cause: Because it was a Muslim extremist group that
attacked on 9/11, a lot of people think that all Muslims are terrorists
Muslims are usually the target of "random" selection searches at airports
They are ostracized from society and made to feel like they are not truly Americans because someone of the same religion attacked American soil
Congresswoman Judy Chu stated that "a witch hunt will do little to make our nation safer"
Though a lot of the media fed into the hysteria, much like in the Salem Witch Trials, some media agreed that investigating all Muslims was just like a witch hunt
Results of 9/11
Witch Hunts Through the Ages
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