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Presenting: PowerPoint vs. Prezi

A short comparison between PowerPoint and Prezi showing off the advantages Prezi gives by having a whole new style of presenting.

Philipp H.

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Presenting: PowerPoint vs. Prezi

Prezi Introduction Main Part Conclusion Tired of using boring PowerPoint-presentations? Change the way you present! People will be
happy and curious! People fall asleep. People pretend to go to the toilet. People take notes that look like drawings. Your presentation has been like this? What is Prezi? web-based presentation application alternative solution to Microsoft's PowerPoint Key Features users can zoom in and out of a visual map Homepage www.prezi.com learning step by step how to create a presentation with the help of tutorials Furthermore... inserting YouTube-videos using only one canvas often used for Mac creating a intuitional use presentation defining a presentation path that leads you through the presentation visually more appealing than PowerPoint (subjective opinion) better used for story telling than for presenting Excel-graphs So, what is your opinion? ! Vocabulary canvas - Leinwand intuitional - intuitiv tutorial - Anleitung Thank you for listening! What does he do there? What is it exactly? Hum? Can I use it, too?
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