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njood n

on 25 December 2014

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Transcript of Training

The Training
The Training Tasks ..
We are very lucky to spend 3 months training at KFMC. During this practice period we have gained the best experience that will give us insights on how to work in the real world, depend on our self and how to be a team player. In each step during this training we had a cooperative employee who provided us with the information we needed to carry out job.

In general, this experience was really fruitful and inspiring. The results are larger than expected and provided us with the advantages beyond the real first hand practice.

As we mentioned before the training objectives went through a period of 3 months. During this time we worked with different tasks related to our major.
Self-service support
A new system has been launched lately, the patients' "self service system". the idea of the system is for the patients to get their sick leaves and medical reports faster in a more convenient way that taking a number and standing in lines waiting for their turns. The self service computers are located in the waiting areas for both men and women and next to them are large posters that explain the use of the system and to attract the patients.

And we were introduced to the system and how it works. Then, we were asked to summarize the whole process and the main problems in the system and submit a report containing this information. And we suggested some recommendations to improve the system in terms of these problems.
Training Objectives..

1.Apply the theoretical knowledge in real life situations.

2.Apply problem solving skills to each problem faced during practice.

3.Gain experience in dealing with the public through direct contact with subscribers.

4.Learn how to be a good team player and co-operative with others.

5.Accuracy in terms of time and deadline when it comes to carry out specific assignments.

6.Gain self dependence and resourcefulness when being assigned to tasks or when there's a problem at hand.

7.Acquire planning skills that helped us in giving us a prior vision of how work to be done is and what to be expected.
Real life application is the best way to enrich and refresh your theoretical knowledge. Through our years of study at the University, we have gained the theoretical knowledge that will enable us to pursue our career. And practice is the best way to make our knowledge useful and great.
In the this presentation we'll summarize the nature of our training in details, including our training objectives, our project and the programs we were trained on.
- King Fahad Medical City is considered the largest and most advanced medical complex in the Middle East with a total capacity of 1095 beds.

- This colossal medical facility built at a cost of 2.3 billion Saudi Riyals comprises of four hospitals expected to treat annually more than 50,000 in-patients and over 600,000 out-patients.

-KFMC is staffed with visionary management and highly qualified professionals sharing a common goal in making King Fahad Medical City a leading tertiary care referral center throughout the Region. At all levels of treatment, Specialists from many disciplines are brought together to help patients
To be the regional benchmark for health information management and clinical knowledge.

Provide health information and clinical knowledge to the right people at the right time.

HIM Strategic Directions:
To provide the right information on the right time to :
HIM Departments:
Information management department
Information standardization department
Knowledge management department
E-health and release of information department
First of all we do a research about some health topic to learn about it and take an overview of some of the medical concepts. Then present the topics that assign to us as presentation and discussed some subjects about the systems used in the KFMC and the subjects discussed in the students’ presentations.
Then we start our first task to enter patients data with excel sheet as a sample that is the first stage for do several of statistics. We work on it for several days.
In the fourth week we start read the E-pharmacy document and then we learned about
program witch is used in android applications.
After that we actually begin working on our project that has took 6 weeks. And we will talk about it in details.

Our application is easy to use application. Help patient in saving their time and how to deal with medicine. It is provide many functions as :
1- pharmacy section : in this part there are three main categories , first: category is an intelligent software to reminding patient in their medicine time and refill the medicine if need.
second : combine general information about the patient's medicine , the third section, about some tips which help patients in their daily life .

Our application can be accessed by smart phones specially apple and android devices.
Overview of the project..
Project scope:
The following must be considered to include:
- Set time and medicine information.
- Health tips .
- Patient's Medicine information .
- DHL deliver .

- Automate patients requirement.
- Notify patient in medicine time .
- Refill medicine.
- Deliver refilled medicine.
- Medicine information.
- Health tips.
Used software
Android Developer Tools
Build: v21.1.0-569685
this product includes Eclipse Platform, JDT, CDT, EMF, GEF and WTP

Used tools
-Eclipse Platform.
-SDK Manager.
-Virtual devise.
-Creatly online drawing website.
-Smart draw program.
We documented and reported our daily observations to our supervisor on this task, and this sample of our work.
Skills and abilities:

•The main systems used in the health information management in the hospital.
•Working environment, which is a new experience to us as we are only familiar with the academic environment.
•Dealing with customers (patients) and their complaints and helping them, which helped us improve our communication skills by dealing with people from different backgrounds, cultures, educational levels and attitudes.
•Basic skills in building an android system phone application.
•Basic skills in building and connecting a database for an android system application.
•Working in teams with new people.
•How to draw a work flow diagram and entity relationship diagrams.
The Benefits ..

Our presentation was about the result of our training in KFMC. We have learned a lot from both our accomplishments and mistakes, with the help of the cooperative employees and helpful supervisors that were open for all our questions. Finally we would like to thank all parties involved in making this training possible and giving us the chance to gain this wonderful experience especially our great supervisor Maiadah.
Thank you for listening , Hope you enjoy This presentation .. ")
BY :
Njoud Alonazi ..
Hanin Althubaity ..
Yasmeen Alzaki ..
Finally ..
After having full understanding of the system, we were asked to go to the site of the self service computer to observe the problems that the users encounter while using the system, and help them understand the system and use it properly. We documented and reported our daily observations to our supervisor on this task.
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